Thoughts, where do they come from and where do they go!!!

Meditation thoughts

Every person is bombarded by innumerable thoughts, popular belief 70,000 thoughts a day. Needless to say that is way too much pressure on this small little entity, called brain. Experts, psychologists, meditative methods, all are always in search of suggesting ways to curb these thoughts. But the more you try to douse them, the more aggressive it gets. Its like thoughts have a mind of their own. So who are these thoughts, where do they come from and where do they go and what purpose do they serve.

Our Subtle system is comprised of Ida Nadi (Left Sympathetic nervous system), Pingala Nadi (Right Sympathetic nervous system) and Sushumna Nadi (Central Nervous system).

When one analysis a thought, it can be noted that, it would arise either from the past or it would relate to a projection in the future. As a result one is always caught in the vicious circle of brooding over the past or looking way into the future, thus unable to remain in the exact present moment. Although people love to preach, don’t dwell too much into your past, or don’t be so futuristic. It is quite difficult for many to actually put that into practice. So what is that one deals with on a daily basis. We can categorize these thoughts into four forms.

According to Sahaja philosophy plus years of research and experience by practitioners over four decades; thoughts mainly arise from four realms of consciousness: Subconscious, Supraconsciousness, Super Consciousness, Hell. Realms of consciousness can be thought of as regions or strata in the subtler/spiritual plane of our existence.

1. Subconscious: Thoughts that arise from our past; go and form part of the Subconscious. The moment our attention goes into past thoughts, we are immediately pulled into the subconscious space. Each moment of our present that we experience, becomes our past and goes and resides in the subconscious area. This energy is represented by the left sympathetic nervous system also known as Ida Nadi, which is the Nadi that represents the Power of our emotions. As a result, being too emotional or putting more attention to the past, drags us into the subconscious. Moreover, there is a sub realm beyond the subconscious realm known as the Collective subconscious. Further and deeper movement into the past, would drag one into the Collective Subconscious.

2. Supraconscious: Thoughts that we project into the future, move into the supraconscious zone. Future is represented and stored in our supraconscious area. Our futuristic thoughts and tendencies are represented by the Right sympathetic nervous system also known as the Pingala Nadi. All are physical and mental energies and powers come from the right side energy channel, which is represented by the supraconscious. Hence excessive thinking, futuristic worries, aggressive and violent behavior to confirm to the futuristic thoughts, may cause one to move into the supraconscious area and further to the collective supraconscious area.
E.g. Adolf Hitler, had learnt from the Tibetan lamas, the knack of reaching into the collective supraconsciousness of the people, by causing them to move into extreme egoism, thus justifying killings of innocent men, women and children, in the gas chambers, yet making it seem normal and justifiable, due to his egoistic power drunken behavior.

3. Super Consciouness: A realm which is above the subconscious and supraconscious realms is known as the Super Consciousness. This state can be achieved only when you are in the absolute present moment. The way to be in the absolute present moment is when your Kundalini (Chi Energy, Ruh, Holy Ghost) is awakened and it passes through the 7th chakra, and we reach the state of Thoughtless awareness. The realm of super consciousness corresponds to the collective unconscious. Dreams are nothing but, our attention moving either on the left side i.e. the subconscious, or the right side supra conscious, and most time when we have premonitory dreams, it is the message that is coming across from the collective unconscious.

4. Hell: Below all the chakras, is what is described as the Hell. The hell as described by the Saint Mahavira. As our body is a house of all the deities, it is also the source of Hell. When the attention moves to more baser instincts and extreme indulgence within it, as done by various tantriks, tantrikas, voodoo practitioners, occultists, spiritualists, it ends up corrupting and spoiling the chakras, energy centers within the body, as a result, the spontaneous rising and movement of the Kundalini is restricted and in extreme cases marred forever.

Problems of uncontrolled attention: Now that you are aware of the types of thoughts that arise within a human being and the extreme movements on the left and right directions may lead to disturbing and destructive behavior not only for an individual but the society as a whole, as the collective consciousness gets affected by individual consciousness. The optimal state to be is in the present. By keeping our attention focused on the present moment, neither swaying too much into the past i.e. the left nor being way too futuristic i.e. the right. But instead, try to remain in the center and maintain required balance, which will lead to the path of our spiritual ascent and salvation of mankind.

The method to remain in the absolute present i.e. to reach the Super Conscious state is by getting into thoughtless awareness. And that can be achieved by getting our Self Realization, awakening the 3 and half coiled serpent resting in our sacrum bone, known as Kundalini, which is our spiritual dormant energy waiting to be awakened, so that it travels through our spine and passes through our 7 subtle energy centers called as chakras, finally piercing through the Fontanel bone area, where the 7th chakra is situated. Thus taking us into the realm of Collective Consciousness, the place where we all should strive to reach, in order to emancipate the entire humanity from the clutches of extreme behaviors propagated by the Ego and the Super Ego.

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Nithya (Seets)

Reference: Sahaja Online


2017 – New Beginning

‘We are part and parcel of the whole’. The absolute truth is, we are not this body,not this mind, not this intellect, not these feelings. ‘We are a Pure Spirit.’ (H.H.Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi).

There is a lot of significance in this statement, considering we are all part of the same cosmos. And the entire premise of Sahaja Yoga revolves around trying to unify all these disintegrated cells back into the Virata, thus to form the whole.

So not only in this new year,but every moment, the effort and life of a Sahaja yogi is to enlarge the tree of life,by bringing all the dormant cells (rest of the mankind) back to life,and reestablish it’s lost connection with the Divine, All Pervading power, which governs us all, and all the happenings of the World, and the Cosmos, believe it or not,like it or not.

To know more about this soul stiring and life transforming meditation method, which connects you to the Supreme Source, by awakening the dormant power of the Creator within you, i.e. The Kundalini, The Ruh, Os Sacrum, The Holy Spirit… Visit and


Seeta (Nithya)

P.S. Happy 2017

‘You & I’

True love quote

There is something about you
That I can’t really tell
Each time I look into your eyes
I feel out of breath

The passion in your eyes feels so intense
One look from you and my heart completely melts

Each night I stay awake
And toss & turn in my bed
Wondering about the days
Which we so dearly spent

The times when you held me within your arms
So inseparable in love that we used to be in a trance
Trance so deep, that we never wanted it to end
The magical quivering of my body, as an answer to your touch

The nectar from your lips was something
I could never get enough of
It was a feeling so divine that
I could even readily die for

There was magic in the way
We redefined love
It was like two souls descended from heaven
Only to make mad passionate love


There was something in the way
You touched my soul
It’s at that moment, I realized
You are the ‘One’ with whom
I’m ready to grow old

And it was at that time
That the angels foretold
It was for you who I was bestowed
The endless pain and suffering that my soul endured
And that’s when the angels descended and resonated

That they only fulfilled the word of the Lord

That ‘you and I’ are meant to be together after all
That ‘you and I’ are meant to be together after all

true love line

Walk Into My Life

You walked into my life

And brought the air back into me…

Till then, I had a soulless existence…

In this world, without glee…

A mystic wanderer in this garden of life,

Without an aim or goal to survive…

mystic wanderer

Wandering away to glory,

Trying to find…meaning of this life..

That God created and I questioned him, Why…

Why did you design me, with what plan in your head…

And I kept asking, till I felt exhausted…

But never knew what lay ahead for me,

Until one day, you walked in and changed it all for me…

And then I stopped questioning….God and believed in thee…

How naïve I felt, my ignorance could be…


For the mist had cleared and

I could see the path clearly…

Path which although untrodden,

Laden with thorns and flowers laid before me…

slowly holding hand

But slowly your hand tightly gripped me…

And your small voice ushered into me….

Yes We can do it…if only you believed in me…

Yes We can do it…if only you believed in me…


So we walked and ran together…

To soar the mountains and conquer the world forever..

Little did I know, this part of the clock was not futile ever…

It’s just that, God has his plan, charted and I was being a disbeliever…

Though, he gave me hints, and asked me to maintain my demeanor…

But all I ever did, was question my faith and not believe my redeemer…

nice quote about living

But, today I stand with hands folded before thee,

Coz you came in as my strength and my reason to be…

You make me believe, that what I could be,

Is something, you already know and only you can see…

cute image kissing

So you imbibe in me, the strength to fight the world

And make me tough so that I become as worthy and wise as an earl

I never knew, on our way, we were destined to meet,

But now that you are in, I can hardly breath…

With my every thought, gripped by you,

Give you honor and happiness is all I can do…

And I promise you thee, that I’ll give my all….

For you are the reason, I’m here at all…

For you are the reason, I’m here at all…

in each others arms forever

The world seems, nicer, when you hold my hand…

And lead me the way, with your wit and glam…

Together we can soar and we can bequest

This land of the Lord, left for us to harvest…

This land of the Lord, left for us to harvest…


I promise you thee, I’ll give my best…

If only you stay till the end and take this test…

This test of love which is bequeath on us…

All we need to do is, believe and hold strong

And not let this wither away, no matter whatever goes wrong…

And not let this wither away, no matter whatever goes wrong…

Coz we have an unsaid promise to keep,

That we will see this through,

Until each of us breaths…

That we will see this through,

Until each of us breaths…




‘Sue and Migel….Blind Date…’

This is just a fictional account of a girl getting stood up on her first blind date…but then been led on a magical ride….

There she was dressed in her jeans and a light cream shirt, the weather being sultry, the shirt was light yet fit her right and blew occasionally with the slight warm breeze of the noon….Waiting patiently, gazing in amazement at the little kids, carrying their heavy bag packs with so much ease, as they were merrily returning from school and waiting eagerly to catch the train…women and men going about their business in the middle of the day…

Sue, being the quite spectator, kills her time, as she awaits the arrival of her date…the guy who she had been texting for the past few days introduced to her via a common friend….but never actually seen him…This was her first blind date..and boy was she excited…For this guy must have been totally intriguing, that even when the exams were around the corner, the two beating hearts, had  decided to shun the virtual world of texting and talking over the phone for hours, and move one step ahead of finally meeting, breaking their vow of having to meet merrily after the exams….

It must be something that Migel wrote, that excited Sue so much that she being an ace ranker, could not resist the temptation of meeting him…For Migel had just returned from Abu Dhabi to attend his exams and was going to go back soon after the exams, but his patience was also running out and wanted to see Sue, as soon as possible..For he wanted to spend as much of his every minute of every hour with this divine beauty, although he had not seen, but pictured her in his mind…over and over again, listening to her sexy, subtle voice…

girl meeting guy

With such merry thoughts, he gets ready in his swanky jeans bright white shirt and awesome leather shoes, with his subtle sun glasses, giving him a totally classy look…totally complimenting his wheatish complexion and great height and tough well built body…almost looking mouth wateringly delicious for Sue…

It had already been half hour, but Sue had not given up on Migel, for she knew he was a through gentleman, and a thought of getting stood up, was beyond her imagination. So despite an hour being passed, she keeps giving him the benefit of doubt, that he must have forgotten his phone in a hurry, he must have been stuck in the train, besides he had never travelled in the crowded trains of Bombay…

Her initial smile and blush slowly fading away, now replaced by a slight feeling of disappointment and dejection…she walks back and forth out of the mall adjoining the train station, wondering if he was waiting for her outside the mall…and finally after wailing away one and half hour, she decides to leave….tears flowing through her eyes, getting washed away in the windy footboard, where she stands gazing at the sights and scenes as the train pulls out of the train station…she is in conflict with her heart, how could he stand her up, that is so unlikely him, especially when he was the one who begged her to see him…

She gets off at her destination, one last look at her phone, which has no text or call from the last hour and half…she decides to let the moment pass by…with tears she opens the door to her house, and is about to hug her old granny, that’s when her phone rings…she runs to the room inside and picks up the call, her heart racing and her pulse beating so hard, she yells out…

‘Migel, where had you been, what really happened…this is so not you..I stood there for almost two hours….where was your phone…why don’t you say something…’

She hears panting from the other side, oh…my dear Sue, I was there this whole time, it’s just that, we got mixed up with the places, as you had suggested, I had already arrived and waiting for you eagerly at the gate of the mall, but I never saw you…and you are right, my phone was with my sister..and she could not have picked up, for she was attending her classes, so when I called home, she told me, I was getting calls from your number, so I asked the number and am calling you now…Sweetie, trust me, I could never do that to you..keep you waiting for me, infact I was present before time….

So this was a case of a classic mix up…so before Sue could say, okay lets forget about the whole thing, and it was right that we should have met after exams, he rushes to the train station and catches an overly crowded train, despite having to get off after two stations and the stop being on the other side, he peers through the crowd…and finally gets off at the desired destination..and gives Sue a call, she can’t believe her ears, that in such a peak hour, he made it…she rushes to the train station..and for the first time, their eyes meet….

Even when, they had not seen each other, when she sees him standing outside the restaurant she asked him to, she spots him…for she looks all the more divine, with her eyes glistening due to the swell of tears she is trying to fight…and her face looking all the more charming in the evening sun..which was about to set…He comes near her..and gives her a hug….then slowly escorts her with this hand gently placed over her hips and lovingly making her sit in the tuk tuk and they ride away….

Even when, they had never seen each other, this sole incident brings them so close, it’s almost like love at first sight…neither of them, had ever imagined that they could grow so crazy for each other…in such few days…the magic was, always in the way they spoke to each other, it felt as if they had known each other for so long…besides both had never ever imagined they would fall for each other so quickly…knowing the fact that they are not going to be in the same would be hard to let go, if they were to fall for each other…

All this while, Migel’s hands gently placed over Sue and she too rested her head on his shoulder…the whole journey was so magical, as if they were meant to be, and his gesture was of trying to soothe her aching heart…Finally they get off at a beautiful yet abandoned park…and believe it or not..its full moon..and these two naive beings take a walk along the lake…could it get more romantic is what Migel wonders…’She is so incredibly beautiful, than I had ever imagined….besides she is also so charismatic, her innocent charm is killing me softly…Oh how I wish I could die in her arms tonight…And don’t even get me started on this killer ambiance, a pristine lake glistening with the shade of the full moon…And gosh….her eyes, they are so expressive, and watery…I wish I could drown in them…and her lips..Oh how I wish I could kiss her right away..but that won’t be appropriate…’

These crazy thoughts had engulfed Migel’s mind, when Sue’s hand brushes across his and he so wants to hold them, so he moves his little finger close to her little finger and catches it…and she does not mind..and soon they walk across the lake holding each others hands….Even now, both of them have not said a single word…for Sue is glad that, she was not stood up, and the guy she chose was correct…For her heart could never go wrong on her…

Finally they speak…and guess why…Migel is an ace waltz dancer…so when they are sitting on a bench facing the lake, he gets up and bends on his knees and asks her for a dance, with such charming gesture and stunning looks of Migel, Sue is spellbound and agrees….the night grows more chilly and they dance to the tune of the heart, music from the heavens. As two hearts are meeting for the first time, but it feels the souls have known each other forever…Migel is unable to resist the temptation and wonders if Sue feels the same, and the moment when their eyes meet for a second, their hearts race and Migel plants a sweet peck on Sue’s cheeks, which she blushes and accepts, with Migel’s hands on Sue’s hips, he now holds her completely in his arms…with his both arms wrapped around her…and they being face to face, both their trembling lips finally lock into each other..and they end up having a sublime kiss, like never before…

Though Sue had, had an abusive childhood and a distorted image of relationships and men, she had ended up in a broken relationship with a guy, who used to physically abuse her…which she finally broke off and swore off love…forever….but a chance encounter with a common friend, who tells her about Migel that he had lost his father at the age of 5 and had two siblings, who are raised in India by their aunt and their Mother working full-time in Abu Dhabi airport beauty shop, she was the sole bread-winner for the family and the next in line to take care of the responsibility was Migel, and how Claude was excited of getting to meet Migel after 2 years, he was almost like his younger brother. And how there was gonna be a party in the evening for him…And it was in that party, that Claude tells Migel about Sue and how she was his best friend in the whole world, and listening to Sue’s story, Migel could not resist the temptation and asks Claude for her number and that’s how the texting had begun…

Sue had never, in her life, felt so loved…and cared for, for the first time in her whole life…with tears in her eyes, she lets Migel kiss her, like he had come to relieve her of her traumatic childhood and also abusive love relationship…..For Migel, although Sue was the first love, he had never felt love so pure this way before…

Though these naive hearts had not decided to fall for each other, it was the messages, the sweet and genuine conversations and the tale of their first meeting, had brought them so close to each other…they could not but deny, they had stunning chemistry, immense heat and genuine feeling of love, although they had met for the very first time…their hearts had already united and their souls already fallen for each other from the innumerable conversations carried out, not only throughout the day but also late nights…pouring their hearts out to each other and letting the other know about the darkest of the secrets that they held…they had come to live a lifetime with each other in that one single moment…

It was as if the culmination of a love saga sung over the past few days, and the moment of truth had arrived when they had met…that is why Sue was so confident that, no matter whoever it was, she could not have been stood up and of all people, Migel would never do that to her…For in their conversations, there was this unsaid promise that he made to her, to rid her of her traumatic past…and he had in a way come to rescue her from the hurt, from the tears..from the dejections and sufferings…and above all to shower her with his unconditional love…

That’s when Sue says to Migel for the first time, how could this happen….I’m a bitch, I do not deserve to be loved, for God has sent me down to punish me for whatever sins I might have done in my past life…..and you are Gandhi, you are so kind and could you fall for me…(due to her traumatic childhood and teenage…Sue had somehow convinced herself that she was incapable of being loved and deserved a rotten life…for she considered that God is punishing her for some reason…)

That’s when Migel consoles Sue…’my dear love, you are not what you think you are…For you are seeing yourself from the wrong eyes…if only you see yourself from my eyes…You would be the most beautiful creation of God, that mankind has ever seen…So please do not feel you deserved all the abuse and torture that you went through, it was your bad phase, and God is not unkind or cruel…he has seen your pain and suffering…so that is why I’m here, to prove to you that real love exists….and you so deserve to be loved and cherished…

Migel then hugs Sue and they caress and they stand underneath the Moonlight, with a content feeling and a never before felt, feeling of immense unconditional love….love so pure, irresistible and of divine proportions, that Sue will never have a day, where she is out of love…for Migel was full of it…and God had desired for them to meet and to take their life forward….

After that day, Sue finished her studies and Migel too got himself a job in Qatar airways..and he married Sue and took his siblings and they all settled in their home in Abu Dhabi…

finally together

Hope you enjoyed! Then do come back for more….



A Precious Soul mate

Have you ever realized in your life, how the fancies of the body are different from the fancies of the Soul..Whereby the needs of the body are so materialistic, but when it comes to our Soul, even a kind word or a genuine heartfelt smile from someone dear means the world to us…And finally in life, that is what matters….To Feel real love and love from our Soul…and Live for the Soul…

Though we meet lots of people in our journey of life…many may come and go, some manage to amuse us, some even make us laugh, but quite a little of them manage to touch our hearts..and then there are the rare ones, who are able to peer right into our souls…and once they enter, they are for us to keep..and never to leave…

So today’s post, is a dedication to one such soul, I met luckily in this journey of my life..and as resilient as she is with her life’s situations…She is an epitome of constant faith, compassion and above all a strong pillar…which can even withstand the worst of the calamities, still not budge and continue her journey of life…undeterred and most of all, without resentment…and blame..such is her strong conviction and love for God..despite…having faced death several times…she has such zest for life, which is completely endearing…and unimaginable…

So without much further ado, here is her story…My dear Soul Friend…Kimberly McPhearson

Although, you can read in depth about her on Without A Label – About Me

But I would like to talk to you specifically about her today’s story…and her current condition which she has stated in her latest post….A Quick Check In

I want you all to understand, how precious and resilient yet strong my soul friend is, she makes life’s worries, look like a piece of cake and that is why, no matter how many times, she goes through the worst of hardships, she manages to get right up and walk the path, which I’m sure, many of us, will be ready to give up in a second…

So here is a grand salute to my dear Soul Sis…can’t wait to actually read her book, once it is done..and learn immensely from her experiences of life…for some are unimaginably painful, yet she has shone/shinned through all of them….And this is in a way my tribute to her undying strength and love of God…

Kim, Love you for always…You are my Shinning Star…and pillar of strength…for all times…

May You keep smilin' like this forever....

May You keep smilin’ like this forever….



‘Paradise of Love’

‘Paradise of Love’

Pitter patter on the street,

Splashes of water, Oh what a treat!

Come Jemima, let’s kill the heat,

Let’s shake a leg and dance to nature’s beat.

children in rain

Shake all our apprehensions,

Learn to live in conjunction,

Conjunction of love and life as it should be,

Love as innocent as a baby’s smile could be.

Life as strong as an ocean’s might would be.

baby and ocean

Come one, come all,

Let’s celebrate together in this grand hall,

A hall of fame, love and glitter,

The things that I tell you, you are forbidden to litter,

Pride, dishonesty, Gluttony and Fame,

Come with sheer innocence and join this magnificent Game.

children celebrating

A game of love and the magic of the seers,

All you have to do is, close your eyes and just lend me your ears.

That’s when you will hear the music of love,

With the strings of the heart and the chords played from above.

lord krishna playing flute

If only you close your eyes and listen intently,

Your whole theme of life will flash in front of you instantly.

That’s when you will realize you were in a roller coaster ride of life,

Set into motion, by the one in disguise.

The one we often fail to lure,

For he is the one, who is utterly pure.

For he is the one, who is utterly pure.

god's symbolism

So come and join me,

In this game of life.

Where love is in front of us,

But the grand paradise is in disguise.

paradise in disguise

The paradise of love where he resides,

Nothing escaping from his watchful eyes.

If only we know, how to realize,

He will shun his disguise and finally materialize.

god in human form

If only we know, how to realize,

He will shun his disguise and finally materialize.

god's existence

Have a great day folks!