Thoughts, where do they come from and where do they go!!!

Meditation thoughts

Every person is bombarded by innumerable thoughts, popular belief 70,000 thoughts a day. Needless to say that is way too much pressure on this small little entity, called brain. Experts, psychologists, meditative methods, all are always in search of suggesting ways to curb these thoughts. But the more you try to douse them, the more aggressive it gets. Its like thoughts have a mind of their own. So who are these thoughts, where do they come from and where do they go and what purpose do they serve.

Our Subtle system is comprised of Ida Nadi (Left Sympathetic nervous system), Pingala Nadi (Right Sympathetic nervous system) and Sushumna Nadi (Central Nervous system).

When one analysis a thought, it can be noted that, it would arise either from the past or it would relate to a projection in the future. As a result one is always caught in the vicious circle of brooding over the past or looking way into the future, thus unable to remain in the exact present moment. Although people love to preach, don’t dwell too much into your past, or don’t be so futuristic. It is quite difficult for many to actually put that into practice. So what is that one deals with on a daily basis. We can categorize these thoughts into four forms.

According to Sahaja philosophy plus years of research and experience by practitioners over four decades; thoughts mainly arise from four realms of consciousness: Subconscious, Supraconsciousness, Super Consciousness, Hell. Realms of consciousness can be thought of as regions or strata in the subtler/spiritual plane of our existence.

1. Subconscious: Thoughts that arise from our past; go and form part of the Subconscious. The moment our attention goes into past thoughts, we are immediately pulled into the subconscious space. Each moment of our present that we experience, becomes our past and goes and resides in the subconscious area. This energy is represented by the left sympathetic nervous system also known as Ida Nadi, which is the Nadi that represents the Power of our emotions. As a result, being too emotional or putting more attention to the past, drags us into the subconscious. Moreover, there is a sub realm beyond the subconscious realm known as the Collective subconscious. Further and deeper movement into the past, would drag one into the Collective Subconscious.

2. Supraconscious: Thoughts that we project into the future, move into the supraconscious zone. Future is represented and stored in our supraconscious area. Our futuristic thoughts and tendencies are represented by the Right sympathetic nervous system also known as the Pingala Nadi. All are physical and mental energies and powers come from the right side energy channel, which is represented by the supraconscious. Hence excessive thinking, futuristic worries, aggressive and violent behavior to confirm to the futuristic thoughts, may cause one to move into the supraconscious area and further to the collective supraconscious area.
E.g. Adolf Hitler, had learnt from the Tibetan lamas, the knack of reaching into the collective supraconsciousness of the people, by causing them to move into extreme egoism, thus justifying killings of innocent men, women and children, in the gas chambers, yet making it seem normal and justifiable, due to his egoistic power drunken behavior.

3. Super Consciouness: A realm which is above the subconscious and supraconscious realms is known as the Super Consciousness. This state can be achieved only when you are in the absolute present moment. The way to be in the absolute present moment is when your Kundalini (Chi Energy, Ruh, Holy Ghost) is awakened and it passes through the 7th chakra, and we reach the state of Thoughtless awareness. The realm of super consciousness corresponds to the collective unconscious. Dreams are nothing but, our attention moving either on the left side i.e. the subconscious, or the right side supra conscious, and most time when we have premonitory dreams, it is the message that is coming across from the collective unconscious.

4. Hell: Below all the chakras, is what is described as the Hell. The hell as described by the Saint Mahavira. As our body is a house of all the deities, it is also the source of Hell. When the attention moves to more baser instincts and extreme indulgence within it, as done by various tantriks, tantrikas, voodoo practitioners, occultists, spiritualists, it ends up corrupting and spoiling the chakras, energy centers within the body, as a result, the spontaneous rising and movement of the Kundalini is restricted and in extreme cases marred forever.

Problems of uncontrolled attention: Now that you are aware of the types of thoughts that arise within a human being and the extreme movements on the left and right directions may lead to disturbing and destructive behavior not only for an individual but the society as a whole, as the collective consciousness gets affected by individual consciousness. The optimal state to be is in the present. By keeping our attention focused on the present moment, neither swaying too much into the past i.e. the left nor being way too futuristic i.e. the right. But instead, try to remain in the center and maintain required balance, which will lead to the path of our spiritual ascent and salvation of mankind.

The method to remain in the absolute present i.e. to reach the Super Conscious state is by getting into thoughtless awareness. And that can be achieved by getting our Self Realization, awakening the 3 and half coiled serpent resting in our sacrum bone, known as Kundalini, which is our spiritual dormant energy waiting to be awakened, so that it travels through our spine and passes through our 7 subtle energy centers called as chakras, finally piercing through the Fontanel bone area, where the 7th chakra is situated. Thus taking us into the realm of Collective Consciousness, the place where we all should strive to reach, in order to emancipate the entire humanity from the clutches of extreme behaviors propagated by the Ego and the Super Ego.

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Nithya (Seets)

Reference: Sahaja Online



All our life we are told, that we are not enough. We are constantly compared and made to feel less. It’s this race that we are set on to, not knowing where we need to go, and to make it worse the bar is set to high. Some of us when we grow up, we end up realizing the farce in the whole thing, but by the time the effects of the constant programming is taken its toll on our self esteem and sense of self and also of the world.

Each of our experiences makes us learn the truth about life. The lessons we learn from our families, educational institutions, corporate life, from our love relationships and society in general end up shaping our belief systems and so our life. They say man is a social being, and needs validation and security to move forward. But who makes these rules, who decides what is right and wrong. Why is that the one who apparently make the cut, get to decide for the rest of the humanity.

The rule of the day today is ‘Money runs the world’, but what about the ones who don’t have much, where do they go? Do they not have equal share in this world than the ones who are totally ruling the world coz of their money power. “Majority Wins”, and let the misfits fend for themselves by hook or crook seems to be the new paradigm.

What if I told you, we got this entire thing wrong, the world was headed down South, but its way up there touching the North. What would you then do, coz scrambling to get back down from the death ladder that you have set up for yourselves seems like a next to impossible option.

What if i told you, you were programmed and entranced for generations together and fed exactly what the few on top wanted to fill your heads with to fulfill their elite purpose and distort your perception of what life could be and rob you of the real meaning of your purpose here.

glassesThis material world is a perverted reflection of the spiritual world. This material tree of life is actually the ethereal tree of life, with its perverted fruits hanging down which denote the sense objects and the roots flowing towards the sky denoting the cosmic consciousness. So more one scrambles to achieve the fruits of this material world, the farther one will get from the divine.

This whole world is nothing but an illusion and all that matters is the lessons you learnt whilst your stay here. This is and only this is the irrefutable truth. This truth can’t be understood by mere reading that is why your life is shaped in such a way, that at every step you are given the choice to choose a virtue or a vice, based on your free will.

So where you are today is the sum total of the circumstances, your decisions, but of all, YOUR CHOICES, that you made. And if you have ended up with empty hands, it’s a good enough indicator that you going the right way, for you are guided by none other than ‘The Divine’.

God dwells in the hearts of the have not’s whose tears are real, whose hunger is real and whose calling for the one above is real, though they may despise him, but HIS heart wrenches too of the pain, ones have created for themselves coz of their ignorance of believing in the lifelong farce of this Illusion called, ‘Worldly LIFE’ and adorning their material bodies than living and fulfilling the actual purpose of their spiritual selves.

There’s more to life, than the rose tinted glass that most are made to look from, at least now step out of the usual rut and see the world for what it is really for, how far long in the lie you have come and try to follow your true calling, led on by the perpetual voice inside of you, i.e. ‘YOUR TRUE SELF’ the ‘REAL YOU’, who had known this farce all along, all you had to was ‘BELIEVE’ and ‘FOLLOW’ it.


MountainThere is a will in every one which carries them on in life. And amidst the harsh blows and endless battering of the cruel realities of life, one’s will is what can define one’s true strength.

FaithWeak is the person who already embraces defeat even before entering the battleground. For the battles of life, first emanate in the mind and only the one’s whose convictions are as strong as a keel, will eventually be strong enough to hold the ship together whilst its battling the fierce winds and mighty waters ever so waiting to engulf it.

Strength of conviction i.e. one’s will power lays in the passive and dormant state until someone manages to push the buttons with their haughtiness, arrogance and distorted imagery of their so called way of success, finally to rattle you to your core being, to show them otherwise. Pebbles

For it’s not by being fake or putting on a charade of nicety that one can get ahead in life. Life’s journey is unique to each being, with their set of trails, make of their psyche based on their karmas, ideals, their limitations and spiritual quests which they have come to fulfill that ultimately shapes their unique personalities and steers them towards achieving their life goals.

The only person who can ever remotely gauge the strength of one’s will power that has carried them through this maze of life is – YOU.

WillpowerNo two people can ever be the same, for the internal landscape of each individual is uniquely crafted based on their karmas, dogmas, limiting beliefs and above all their unflinching resilience to pick themselves up each time life showers them with the harshest of blows.

Some come forth by quashing the dreams, spirits of others, whilst true beings are those who can combat any battle with a smile on their face even at the weakest of the moments. Knowing their patience and ideals will pay through at the right time and at the right place, which gives them the courage to leave when their adversaries seem unbeatable.

True beings are those who know to pick up a broken spirit when they are down in the dumps by showing them the light within themselves, thus fulfilling their spiritual prophesy for which they have descended here.


  • Treat others the way you want yourself to be treated.
  • Success will be at your feet, if only you realized that it’s achieved by walking along with others and not by stifling and stomping over them just to get ahead.



Living in the – ‘Now’!!!

Another year gone by and trails triumphed over, some lost some gained…some basked in the glory of just being…


Every year we begin the year with much furor, hopes and promises to make that new beginning, to make that change we have been procrastinating, whether it be as simple as waking up an hour early in the morning, looking after your health, having a healthy diet, cleaning up that god forsaken wardrobe…(ahem! applies to meJ ) or as difficult as mending broken relations, forgiving and forgetting issues in life…no matter how hard you find it in your heart to let go of wounds…And when you take stock of how you have grown as a person, with each hurdle conquered, new lessons learnt each day of your way… got more in touch with your innate self, thus making the journey worthwhile.

Having born human, one has to take heed of the plethora of qualities that one can access from this vast world of spirituality. One would always be pushed a notch higher in their goal of learning new spiritual lessons which lay in their quest while knowing one’s true self.

The true self, no matter how much ever one tries to near one, will always be eluded by its multi faceted nature yet it’s all pervading magnanimity.

The only way one can learn and grow is by experiencing the same by oneself directly and that’s what this journey is all about.

We as humans love to play victim, and always placing the outcome of our actions on an external source, be it good or bad that has happened to us. Always seeking retribution from an external source, without having to delve deeper into the quote what you sow, so shall you reap. Despite knowing the cliché, treat other’s the way you want yourself to be treated. Most carry with themselves the baggage of their innumerable lives, thus facing the things that they face during their journey of this life. For some it’s a fun ride all the way, without any spiritual growth of even a speck of knowing ones true self, for some the path is laden with innumerable hurdles, but the strength and courage imparted to conquer ones spiritual goals.

So this new year, try and begin your journey by exploring the depths of your world within…By enduring to learn and sync ones spiritual heart and mind into one and learning to live in the moment.

For if it wasn’t for your choices of yesterdays, you wouldn’t be living this moment in Today and only if you live with the choices made and not anticipate about the choices of tomorrow, will you ever be present enough to live in the Now.

Welcome your new self in this New Year with this promise of exploring the New and changing you each day, to realize that Life is best lived when its lived and cherished in the Now.


Metamorphosis of the Soul

Btrfly 2Like a butterfly embraces its metamorphosis gracefully not knowing for sure whether it would become one, the soul too withstands the trials and blows of the situations, only to emerge into something as beautiful as God’s creation…with ambient colors depicting the solemness of the butterfly. The grandiose with which it takes a flight towards the skies, defines it boldness and strength with which it endured its ever changing creation into this magnificent yet sublime creature…

Whoever thought it was easy to go through life without realizing the lessons that it has in store for us, and lessons you know would be hard and irrefutable, and have to be learnt whether you are prepared or not, for such is the want of the soul, in its desire to transform into something more beautiful.

With innumerable blows to the hot iron, is when it moulds itself into the desired form that we want. Such is the desire of the Almighty to perfect his own creation, by making them endure the several blows which they ever so lovingly asked him to bestow on them, only to sustain the pain and the suffering and finally to emerge into something divine and beautiful, a speck of him, himself.

Ever witnessed the metamorphosis of the caterpillar into a grand butterfly? When you watch the process, it seems so painful and brutal and asphyxiating, considering the poor little larva is struggling and almost trapped inside that tiny cocoon but with so much endurance and persistence it finally emerges into a caterpillar post which it feeds and feeds on the leaves and in a matter of days again dares itself to go through the painstaking process of shedding its skin from the chrysalis, that’s when the beauty of creation is quite evident in front of our eyes, in varying colors and magnificence, flying ever so effortlessly, without reminiscing the pain it might have endured whilst its carefully crafted creation.

btrfly3Such is the plan of God, when he sends his beloveds down and gives them the courage and the grit to endure any number of blows that life has to offer, only to realize in the end, that it’s all in the plan, which the creator is painstakingly awaiting for the soul to emerge triumphant from its self chosen trails to finally metamorphose into something, strikingly beautiful and soulfully sublime. That’s when we appreciate the beauty of our creator, who himself also goes through all the troubles, while seeing our struggle with our woes, but he is watching patiently, for he is endowed us with the necessary strength and power to overcome any obstacles that are presented our way, in reaching our goals of growing our Soul, into the form of the Almighty.

For we are part of him and he will always be within us, it is on our individual selves to recognize that and finally reach our full potential by imbibing the attributes that he has inculcated in us and follow the divine plan…

Butterfly SoulLove…and Let Love…

Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now

Rows and flows of angel hair
And ice cream castles in the air
And feather canyons ev’rywhere
I’ve looked at clouds that way
But now they only block the sun
They rain and snow on everyone
So many things I would have done
But clouds got in my way
I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It’s cloud illusions I recall
I really don’t know clouds at all

Moons and Junes and Ferris wheels
The dizzy dancing way you feel
As ev’ry fairy tale comes real
I’ve looked at love that way

But now it’s just another show
You leave ’em laughing when you go
And if you care, don’t let them know
Don’t give yourself away

I’ve looked at love from both sides now
From give and take, and still somehow
It’s love’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know love at all

Tears and fears and feeling proud
To say “I love you” right out loud
Dreams and schemes and circus crowds
I’ve looked at life that way

But now old friends are acting strange
They shake their heads, they say I’ve changed
Well something’s lost, but something’s gained
In living ev’ry day

I’ve looked at life from both sides now
From win and lose and still somehow
It’s life’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know life at all
I’ve looked at life from both sides now
From up and down, and still somehow
It’s life’s illusions I recall
I really don’t know life at all

Charcoal – Diamond!

I read a quote somewhere, which just hit the right spot…

‘Diamond is nothing but a piece of charcoal that could handle stress well!’


Now how amazing is this quote, which reduces a so called priceless and the most sought after item like diamond into something readily available object like coal used in mundane tasks like say cooking….The beauty of this quote is that, it emphasises on the power of perception.

The underlying meaning of this quote is nothing but, from hundreds of pieces of charcoal, we turn only a few into this priced object…signifies the true potential of the coal which endures all the processes that it goes through ultimately to give us this most sought after and priceless object of most women’s affection.

Now to apply this analogy to real life, where each of us goes through the routine ups and downs, but if you notice, some of us do not have it easy ever…There will be loads of us, who would have had tough lives in every step of the way, be it family issues, schooling, relationship issues, difficulties at work, marital issues, tough luck or no luck in child bearing, etc…in effect we begin perceiving us as victims of bad luck, bad fortune, and generally prone to difficult lives…and thus the assumption that why some of us are born with a silver spoon while rest of us are doomed to perpetual pain and misery at every step of our lives..

But the beauty of life is in its non-conformities. And these are the very challenges that end up giving us strength to carry on and face the circumstances thrown at us head on…Its these tough situations and circumstances in our lives, that end up shaping our persona and make us handle any pressures of life with so much ease and level headedness, that some who have had all their whims fulfilled would not really be able to comprehend… what actually went behind making our personas so strong…

And that’s really the reason, why we have only One Gandhi, One Madiba, One Bill Gates, One Mother Teresa, One Mallala, One Sachin and so on….from the crores and crores of people inhabiting this earth…

So either you can play a victim and curse everybody around and the circumstances for how your life turned out to be…or you could decide to lift the torch of your failures and challenges, reignite the learnings from them and move ahead shedding light to the ones behind you, thus empowering them by sending a message – ‘If you could do it, so can they’.

It’s not the circumstances or challenges in one’s life that define a person, but its how one perceives those challenges and is willing to make the necessary changes and ready to face them head on, that truly defines ones character… And that’s when all those little failures, the early days of struggle come in handy…when the feeling of utter hopelessness and worthlessness had bogged us down and stagnated us, and how we gathered the power and ultimately pushed forth tearing down the wall of ‘NO I CANT DO THIS…to ‘YES…I’m gonna crush this challenge…once again the way, I’ve done it in the past and no one but me can stop me from coming ahead in life’…

And that’s what ends up making us so unique and priceless, just as a simple coal ends up being into something as exquisite and rare as a diamond…

So in a way, it’s good that, not all coal can be turned into priceless diamonds, it’s only the handful of us, who have the endurance of sustaining this grueling tests that life throws at us which end up shaping our unique persona, make us worthy of being crowned as the rare diamonds that we are…

Every individual has the potential to grow into something exceptional, provided he/she realises their true strength… and are willing to hone it…to ultimately turn themselves into the priceless stone that shines forever…

And that’s the mark of true humanity and the real game of perception…


Happy Weekend…