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Hi Guys,

Was recently interviewed about my books, the same is published on their website.

Click on Seeta N – Writerstory Interview to read the interview.




2014 – A Dawn of Endless Possibilities

The world did end in a way for quite a lot of us in 2013, but as I’ve stated in my book – ‘The Cup of Life‘, where there is an end, there is also a beginning of something New…

‘With every forlorn dusk comes a promising dawn, until then, one has to hold on strong’…

“Sometimes Life can be unkind with you, but its how you chose to mould yourself in times of stark adversities, define your true mettle”

With that thought, I would like to wish all my friends, family and dear readers a wonderful Dawn of 2014…

May this year be a year of endless possibilities and conquering of uncharted territories within yourself…Only to bring out the best in you…Good Luck and Happy New Year…

This New Year gift your near and dear ones – Click! She’s Stuck in His Head a tale of undying and unending passionate love…( fictional love mystery)

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Click! She’s Stuck In His Head – Now Available

Hola Mi Amigos,

It gives me immense pleasure in presenting to you, my new fictional novel titled

Click! She’s Stuck In His Head

Click! Shes Stuck In His Head Front Cover

Now available on the following online portals and soon to be made available in the bookstores near you…

Infibeam, Flipkart, Crossword, Amazon

Here’s a small trailer that will give you a glimpse into the world of the characters, click here

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Do show some love, by passing on the word to your friends and loved ones…:)

Thanks in advance…Have a great day…



Click! She’s stuck in his head

Hello folks,

Longggggg time…Not been in touch…

Nonetheless, here’s something to rejoice….

I’m glad to present to you my new fiction novel, titled Click! She’s stuck in his head

Now available on Infibeam, Flipkart, Crossword, Amazon

Click! Shes Stuck In His Head Front Cover

Here’s a synopsis for the same:

Anil’s life was set to be changed forever the moment he had boarded that Mangalore Express, when a chance encounter brings Aaliah into his life and, within a week’s time, propels their friendship to a full-blown love relationship. But it’s only on Anil’s return from the trip, that Rohit, Anil’s best friend-cum-business partner, suspects something odd when Anil begins to show a photograph of Aaliah to his drunken friends at a party. Rohit being slightly sober notices something strange.

Astonishingly the girl, who Anil verbally describes, looks nothing like the girl in the photograph, who is called Aaliah. And she is the one who Anil claims to be in love with. This raises suspicion in Rohit’s mind as to who the girl Anil was describing could be? And does she even exist, since she is nowhere to be seen in the photographs. With million questions in his mind, Rohit finally embarks upon a quest to uncover the truth behind Anil’s strange behavior.

To uncover the truth about Anil and Aaliah, and the mysterious girl that Anil keeps describing … come and be a part of this unique and exciting romantic journey in unravelling the mystery behind Click! She’s stuck in his head.

Do click on the link below for the trailer on the same

Click! She’s stuck in his head

Hope you enjoyed the trailer folks….



7 Writers get to show their creativity…in The Seven-Line Challenge

Hello folks, hope the new year is treating you well.

With regards to the update of my book, as I had mentioned before, it has gone for its second reprint..and this time, with your valuable inputs regarding the same.

Well, the below post is about a challenge, given to me by one of the fellow authors also an amazing poet, Ms. Sharla Shults…Author of Awakenings…the details of which you will find on her site.

So here is my part of the challenge.

Recently Catnipoflife, tagged me in the 7-line challenge for writers.

For that, firstly I would like to thank her for considering me. It was fun to undergo this challenge, since the genre in which I wrote my first book was Self Help, and coincidentally when I fished out the 7th Line from the 77th page of my book, it turned out be from a chapter that I like…

Let me first brief you a little about my book. The Cup of Life- A Journey towards Self Contemplation which is an absorbing, thought-provoking self-help book.

This book is a unique description of the manner in which common, everyday issues can provide one, with opportunities to learn lessons from life. The book suggests ways of handling various issues, relationships and various other nuances of life. The author advocates a close look at life and all its aspects with a view to improve and enrich it. In doing so, she suggests one must try and alter one’s perspective, think deeper and engage in an appropriate dialogue with oneself to produce desired results in life. Without bias, written in a flowing narrative style, the book is an easy to read, comprehend guidebook that can cater to readers both young and old.

A must be read book for all who wish to lead a meaningful, enriching and purposeful life.

You can find the same on Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

Although, I wish it should have been a 17 line challenge to give more clarity of thought to what is been written, but 7 it is, so be it…as I hope these 7 lines of mine make some sense and give you the essence of the chapter…

Now here are 7 lines from page 77 from chapter 11 – Everybody Wants to be Somebody Else, from ‘The Cup of Life – A Journey Towards Self Contemplation.‘ As the title is self explanatory..the following lines will throw more light on the same.

“A girl from a royal family would prefer to fall in love with a pauper rather than an empire crazy, heartless prince who might not even love her truly. Alternatively a rich guy might prefer to fall for a peasant’s daughter and be won over by her beauty & simplicity, as she has an angelic smile on her heavenly face every time she looks at him, the kind of love he won’t get from a cash crazy royal princess waiting to be accepted by the prince. In the end what emerges is the thought, ‘Oh how I wish I had a different life, only then I would be really happy’.

So here are writers I’ve chosen, to keep the challenge going.

But I do not have their wordpress id’s…nonetheless their names and their work…is here..I plan to leave a fb message for them, regarding the same…

Ronald Fischman –

Af Costa –

John Lansing –

Dawson Walton –

Jessica Lynn –

Patricia Carrigan –

Val Nieman –

I do not know these writers, but we had liked each others pages, so hope some take it sportingly.

This challenge was fun. Thanks..Sharla once again.



Radio Interview

Hi Folks,

I know, I’ve not been around, that is coz I was traveling…and will be posting my travel  blog soon…

This time it was to the good ol’ North of India, to the sublime and serene Himalayas….

Wait to see the beauty of the ranges unravel before your eyes, with the beautiful sight of the snow fall….

well before that, let me give you an update regarding my book and the recent radio interview that I had been to.

The Interview was with Jago Mumbai radio on the show Open Mic with RJ Nitin…

So here is the link to the same and do share the same with your friends, to know more about my book and the making of the same kindly visit, click here

And my website for more details Seeta’s Website

And do come back for more, for the travel blog….



The Cup keeps filling…

Hello folks,

Hope you guys been rocking…

Well mainly as you are aware I like to take you guys on virtual trips through my travel blogs and soon would be taking you to Dehen, Bhandardara which are some exquisite locations to explore in the outskirts of Mumbai, soon after I give you a virtual trip to UK’s beautiful Island, Isle of Wight….

But this edition I would like to dedicate to my book and update you of the upcoming event, that is my radio interview with RJ Nitin of 90.8 FM Jago Mumbai Radio.

Yes, thanks to you guys, your constant love, affection and belief, the book  is doing great…

For those of who, wondering, why such a big title, A Journey towards Self Contemplation, I would simply say, coz it was really that….

It all began as chapters finally taking the shape of a book…and all that was possible due to the journey within…that  is why it is aptly called ‘A Journey towards Self Contemplation’.

And, the reason I’m writing this  blog is to show, how ‘The Cup keeps filling’, and giving back to me more humbly and selflessly…and makes me meet wonderful souls…who are also doing great work and are willing to share their stories…

To know more stories about the journey and few more anecdotes, tune in to 90.8 FM Jago Mumbai on 11th November, Sunday between 12 noon and 3 pm and catch my exclusive interview hosted by none other than RJ Nitin on his show Open Mic.

You can also alternatively tune into  for live internet radio, incase you do not get the frequency on your radios.

Apart from this, do check out the article on Planet Powai newspaper regarding The Cup of Life.

Planet Powai Oct 28,2012 – article on ‘The Cup of Life’

Until next time, take care and keep reading and also traveling.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Enjoy and do catch the interview on tune into 90.8 Jago Mumbai FM radio this Sunday between 12 noon and 3 pm IST, on the show Open Mic with me and RJ Nitin…

Beware do not drink and hear, for I may sound drunk, but I was not…haha.. 🙂 🙂 Just kidding…Everyone sounds different on the Radio, so did I, but only drunk, but not actually drunk….Have I confused you enough…so to confirm the same, tune in this Sunday… 🙂 🙂



P.S – Blog on Isle of Wight coming up next…..Stay tuned…