About Me

They ask me ‘what’s my name’…just when, I’m trying to make one!…It is true there is lots in a name’…..                                                                                   

Don’t you feel, in Life, it is very easy just to follow..but what if you realize you had to go the other way. What then; do you do?…Do you muster up the courage to take a few steps behind..and tread a new path..or for the fear of the unknown, keep moving on the wrong path…for the assurance that you would at least be safe..

If yes, then, what about your soul..who would pacify thee?

Well, every now and then, each of us is confronted in life with such tough situations..and that’s when it all finally comes down to..whether one should go with the Mind Or Listen to their ever yearning Heart!!

As for me………..I chose to listen to my Heart!

So here I’m fulfilling the wishes of my soul..and learning to walk on this new path. And Oh! What a thrill it is!

I agree, on the way I might stumble, I might even fall or even worse..I might feel lost and lonely..but..in my heart, I do feel this time, I’m right, and that this path will take me where I ought to be..and that will ascribe more meaning to my life and ascertain the quest of my journey and this is when I know, I’ve Arrived, True Life has Arrived.

A little about Myself:

I’ve worked in the Investment Banking sector as a Research Analyst for over 7 years, before plunging into the unknown yet desirable domain of the Writing World.

Apart from writing books, I blog professionally on Industry based topics and also have a personal blog for my mind musings, am adept in 6 languages Tamil, Malayalam, English, Hindi, Marathi, German. Besides, languages I love to cook and bake. Also love to meditate and follow the teachings of Sahaja Yoga, which caters to the matters of the spirit, thus giving ample food for my soul and inspiration for my writings.


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