Behind all the Smiles

Accidents that happen to the body leave your bones, ribs and various body parts broken, but there are often certain incidents that break one from within and paralyze one with fear, self doubt and endless psychological breakdowns…though these wounds are never seen on the outside, but are capable of breaking a person to the ends of no repair, thus repressing more of their battered and worn out soul, with the feeling of no way out…

Not everyone who portrays a smile, has gotten everything figured out. Though the face might be gleaming but their eyes will tell the story of their pangs and pains…their endless fight of waking up in the morning, putting on a brave face, despite carrying a mountain on their shoulder.

Not everyone has it easy, so all one can do is, be kind to each and anyone they see, because you just simply don’t know the effort they have made of taking their next breathe…

For all beings on earth have a purpose and a plan they say, it certainly must be true, considering all the painful lessons that are laden on ones path, shouts out loud in his ears when he is just about to give up, the voice within says, don’t you worry my Son, You were never in control anyway…and did you think I would send you down and not have you returned to me ever…

Just hold on some more, all I need is for you to be strong and not give up when you have come this far…Lest assured, you will be taken care of, provided you don’t go astray no more…and believe in yourself and put your complete faith and trust in me…

Until you cater to the needs, whims and fancies of the Ego, your soul is going to be undoubtedly going to be battered, but the day you realise your true purpose, then you wouldnt waste your efforts in foolish pursuits, but move in the direction guided by your Spirit…from then on you will be a spiritual being and not just an emotional being…



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