One fine day


Can something be as beautiful as just sitting as far as possible yet feeling as though two hearts are one. And already with such built up of overwhelming emotions, when the two yearning souls who are so drawn to each other, end up meeting, the atmosphere turns into something sublime.

And just then his hand slowly takes her hand into his, it’s way beyond an electrifying feeling, that instantly hit the highest note on every cell of her body, a feeling of being completely and throughly been accepted for who she truly is, nothing more, nothing less. And the way the hand is held, the caress so hard, says it all, that he never wants to let go…is such a fulfilling feeling of really having proven the sublime and subtle feeling of actual and beautiful Love…plain simple Love…

And knowing that there’s only this one paragraph of love written between them, though however beautiful the built of the story seems, the writer never writes beyond this scene…for he keeps this etched in their hearts forever…that One Fine Day, all they ever did was hold hands, but it just wasn’t Just holding hands, but a deep memory that will be etched in their hearts forever, for that One Fine Day two loving souls met, knowing this is the last that they will see of each other…Hence the feeling of Holding hands never having to let go, but in reality as the hands left each other, its the souls that felt ripped apart…knowing there could never be a story written any further for them…


P.S – Loveeeee the movie One Fine Day… small rendition in a way of One Fine day encompassing a sweetest moment of two people’s lifetimes…


Love Seets ❤️


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