“Glory to Thee, Holy Mother”


O! Glory to thee Dear Mother, who descended on the face of this earth just to answer the cries of her yearning children. May glory be with you forever.

Broken, ignorant at times ill respecting were we to you oh! Heavenly princess, yet you as the epitome of highest love, embraced us one and all. And let us bathe and drench in your everlasting and endless Divine Love. May glory be with you forever.

True you are the Primordial Maitreya, you are the beginning and the End. You are the reason our existence persists without you our being will end. You embarked on a journey so great, so effortlessly, to make us recognize our ever eternal fate. To give meaning to our existence and being, you took the pains to put that knowledge in our empty and rotten brains. May glory be with you forever.

Slowly but gradually like lost puppies, we followed you, on your path of heavenly grace, laden with divine love and motherly embrace. May glory be with you forever.

You cured us of our illnesses, not only of the flesh, but that of the spirit as well. And one day you declared you are the Magnanimous Being, that you are indeed the One, universal being, who we are all part and parcel of, of which we have disintegrated, because of our hard, stubborn egos, you paved the way for imbibing within us the lost true divine knowledge of our existence and our being and the reason for us being on this physical plane. May glory be with you forever.

Slowly but gradually we came into your divine embrace, one and all, for it is you, who is prophesied that will save this lost race. Without prejudice you showered us with your endless blessings, though we rise and fell, you never bereft us of your loving presence. As an ever patient Mother, you witnessed all our follies, yet you fulfilled your promise, of granting us the holy land, you held our hand and walked us through our worst and dark days, just to bring us to the light, the touch of which enlightened our parched souls forever and gave meaning to our barren life. May glory be with you forever.

For you once declared, that we are the chosen ones, no matter we had been naïve in our seeking, but deep within we knew your coming, to comfort us and redeem us of our sins. You fulfilled the prophecy laid by the Lords Holy son. We believe in you our eternal Mother, May glory be with you forever.

Without you, we would all be led astray, you truly are our peace and our saving Grace. You saved us from the demons dressed in sheep’s skin, polluting our minds and souls with fallacy, by twisting and manipulating the Holy Scriptures, doing high end gestures, putting on a fake show of summoning God and the angels of God. You taught us to make out the wolves in sheep’s skin, by making us our own masters, by giving us the divine eyes that will realize the lies that is masquerading as truth and blinding the entire world and enticing the youth with material belongings and pleasures of the skin. You showed us the true master that you are, without robbing us of our innocence and our worldly belongings. You truly are the primordial master who knows us beings. May glory be with you forever.

Hail to thee, O divine Comforter of us wanderlust, only you with your immense patience could have put your trust in our lost race. Trust that, enriches and enlivens our parched souls, without you, we wouldn’t be part of the whole. May glory be with you forever.

You brought us into the Light, from the perpetual darkness we were lingering in; you showed us the path that had been prophesied of us coming through to reach you. Though everything about you is unfathomable and a deep mystery, you look upon us with your loving smile and make us feel as one of your own, how deep as an ocean your heart could be, O Heavenly one, how do you be so kind despite being the greatest of the great, magnanimity and humility come so naturally to you, just being a tiny spec in your endless traits. May glory be with you forever.

You taught us our true worth and introduced us to our true being. You led us our way, to seek the Lord within, by showing us the little Light that had always shone within, ignorant as we were to this power that lie dormant for ages. May glory be with you forever.

You are the one, who taught us to rise. Rise from our everlasting slumber of pride and faulty might. You preached us the true knowledge of the Divine and let us drink the sweet ambrosia of your feet that compares nothing to anything this worldly world could ever define. May glory be with you forever.

You are above and below and everywhere and everything that exists, you are in each atom of every creature and each being. You are in the air we breathe, the flesh we wear, in the veins and blood that runs within us. You are in our Spirit that awaits to be enlightened within, once touched by your holy grace, it shines endlessly within, emitting light, to show the lost way to yet another yearning soul struggling to exist. May glory be with you forever.

O! Eternally Heavenly one, truly you are ‘The Holy Ghost’, sent on this earth, to forever redeem this lost race from its never-ending follies, yet granting us the promised salvation that comes so easily to your being. May glory be with you, forever, O! Primordial Mother, we bow to thee. We bow to thee. A million thanks for your descent, for in you we found our spiritual ascent… for in you we found our spiritual ascent. May glory be with you forever.

Love Nithya! (Seets)

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