Spirituality Revamped – The Holy Grail is here, as promised.

How quick are we to dispose off old clothes, gadgets, cars, house and for that matter even an old girlfriend/boyfriend for want of a new one. Then how is that, one is so clingy about the belief system of the Divine.

Shree Krishna narrated The Gita only to Arjuna ( who had got his realization) and not to normal mortal beings. So, unless one achieves their self realization, one cannot understand the real essence of The Gita.

So what is this Realization that he talked about. It’s the knowing of the Self, how you are constructed and who formed you. No matter how modern a human becomes, he can never evolve further, without the guidance of the divine. And as all matter perishes, so will he/she one fine day.

To remedy that, the non extinction of his finest creation, the divine bestowed upon us the grace of the Holy Mother (the Primordial Mother), who incarnated on this Earth to revive the mankind from its failing ways and put it onto the path of true salvation/redemption, thus paving the way for the next step in his evolution to the 4th dimension by awakening the Kundalini.

“Many scholars have long seen the correlation with what the East calls, Chi, Kundalini, or Prana, and the Holy Spirit. Chi, Kundalini, or Prana are all words for the subtle energies in the body, and are all seen as manifestations of Shakti, or the Goddess (or Divine Mother). The Holy Spirit is the subtle force that connects us to the universe and gives us life, which is the definition of Chi, kundalini or prana (along with other terms). When we say that the union of Shiva (Divine Father) and Shakti (Divine Mother) is the whole of creation, we are also saying that the union of the Father and Holy Spirit is the whole of God… Thus, we have a working cosmology that both Eastern and Western religious traditions agree on.” (Christopher. 2002)

The Old Testament symbol becomes significant in Christianity when Christ suggests Kundalini awakening, not just for the tribe of Israel but as the true destiny of all Christians: “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even as the son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life.” He says unequivocally in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas and elsewhere, that “The Holy Spirit is My Mother”. “The Kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21).

The Kundalini is there to nourish, to heal and look after and to give an individual a higher and deeper personality. The power of Kundalini is absolute purity, auspiciousness, chastity, self respect, pure love, detachment, concern for others and enlightened attention, to give infinite joy and peace to an individual.” – (Knowledge of Reality , Historical Sources and Knowledge of Kundalini (Issue 14))

H.H.Shri Mataji Niramala Devi discourse:

All promises are to be fulfilled. All scriptures are to be supported and are to be proved.

But we must know that there is a great war going on between satanic forces and Divine forces and all the satanic forces who symbolized as devils – in Sanskrit language they are called as rakshasaas, asuras and all that, have taken their birth on this Earth to demolish the kingdom of God. But they want to demolish this kingdom of God in your hearts. The kingdom of God exists, will exist, it’s eternal.

It has created Universes after Universes. It has created human beings from amoeba to this stage. It has brought you to this position that today you are here to receive your ultimate goal (Self Realization). At this critical moment, at this precious moment when you are about to enter into the kingdom of God, all these forces are built up to pull you down. It lies in your wisdom to understand that the forces are very subtle, extremely cunning beyond your comprehension. This war is played not on the conscious plane as it was played before.

But today they have come as Godly men, as God men – as they call them, as God women. They call themselves as Gods – gurus. They have come in the garb of religion. These ancient rakshasas have taken their births and they have gone into the minds of the people. Thousands and thousands of seekers they have captured. And because it is not in your conscious plane, you cannot see them, you cannot feel them you cannot understand them, how dangerous they are. While they have learnt all the methods of coming into your ego or into your superego – to influence you.

Thus Sahaja Yoga came into being, to help the human kind evolve further, to achieve its final goal/purpose of reuniting with the Divine/Primordial power.

To know more about Sahaja Yoga and Kundalini Awakening you can visit:


Jai Shree Mataji
With love from Nithya!


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