2017 – New Beginning

‘We are part and parcel of the whole’. The absolute truth is, we are not this body,not this mind, not this intellect, not these feelings. ‘We are a Pure Spirit.’ (H.H.Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi).

There is a lot of significance in this statement, considering we are all part of the same cosmos. And the entire premise of Sahaja Yoga revolves around trying to unify all these disintegrated cells back into the Virata, thus to form the whole.

So not only in this new year,but every moment, the effort and life of a Sahaja yogi is to enlarge the tree of life,by bringing all the dormant cells (rest of the mankind) back to life,and reestablish it’s lost connection with the Divine, All Pervading power, which governs us all, and all the happenings of the World, and the Cosmos, believe it or not,like it or not.

To know more about this soul stiring and life transforming meditation method, which connects you to the Supreme Source, by awakening the dormant power of the Creator within you, i.e. The Kundalini, The Ruh, Os Sacrum, The Holy Spirit… Visit www.Sahajayoga.org and http://www.sahajayoga.org.in


Seeta (Nithya)

P.S. Happy 2017


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