‘World’ That Should Have Been!!!

Humans (especially Men) created a world with all their aggression and craze for power, which later on became horrendously contagious and in a way stupid, considering the opposing factor (Women) which had to counter this stupidity, also joined in the rat race to add more fuel to fire. The resultant factor was more anarchy, more aggression, more of destruction and all the more chaos.

The plan of action required at the time was, the sensible step of dousing the fire when it first broke out. Since when have you heard of dousing fire with fire. As stupid as it sounds, the humans have shown their tremendous capacity of going above and beyond in proving this of themselves.

Instead of answering the raging fire of power, politics, anarchy and aggression with Love, Compassion, Wisdom and Divinity by the opposite sex (Women) with their feminine qualities bestowed for a reason by the Almighty and hence called the Opposite Sex, all these being their original traits, the whole purpose of existence got lost and blurred in this stupid war mongering aura, which lasted quite some time and has led to the present unlikely times.

But had it not been for the loving grace, affection and immense compassion of the Holy Spirit (Param Chaitanya (Hindu), the Ruh (Muslim), Ruach (Jewish) and the Holy Spirit (Christian)), the ever Eternal Mother, Adi Shakti (H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi), humanity would have been seeing the doomsday, that it ever so lovingly awaits, since it’s beyond its capacity to restore what it has destroyed with its deeds, it rather give up, than think of changing its ways.

Evolution comes from the verb To Evolve, so when its proven time immemorial that we have evolved from amoeba to humans, then how can it stop here, there has to be a step beyond. Isn’t it, you rational thinkers, or is it just that you are contented with being Human, or should I say, being a 2 legged animal disguised as a Human, considering the traits lately of a Human do not even resemble that of any animal. An animal is carnivorous by nature, but today a Human is become cannibal by choice and it’s no one to blame then the Satanic vices, chosen by the human over and over again, over the Virtues laid out by the Divine, in his Innumerable incarnations, but falling on deaf ears.

It takes a subtle being to understand the nuance of the Divine play, and Thank God for Shri Mataji and the breed of true seekers all sheltered together in Sahaja Yoga, which speaks the language of the Divine via the cool vibrations that are constantly emitted by the All Pervading Almighty God, but only if you tune yourself in for the subtle knowledge is when you will be able to grasp the ever present power and love of the Divine.

As they say, better late than never, this sounds true in case of Humanity, for all the plans of the Satanic powers put together, one breath of the Divine cool breeze is enough to send it to the everlasting shackles, and bringing back the prodigy (Human) of the Almighty’s original creation, which though got lost in the journey, has the potential to come back and turn into the gem, that the Almighty had envisioned, it to be.

Such was the perseverance and determination of Shri Jesus, that despite knowing he would have the plight of worst than the treatment meted out to the horrific of the enemies, He chose to wash of the filth created by the Humans enslaved by the vices which are the weapon of the Devil in disguise. Only to redeem man of his sins and take him beyond his limited capacity of being Human, into the realm of the Divine, by crossing the sea of Illusion and emerging in Paradise.

Till date the Satan thinks it won, by tormenting and torturing one noble soul who with his benevolence and immense compassion created a passage (6th Chakra- Agnya – Forehead) for the true seekers to rise above the illusion of this worldly beliefs instilled in them by the fallen angels, but as Almighty is the creator and Humans are his crème de la crème of creation, despite our repeated follies, He redeemed us and showed us the way to reach the Heaven’s door right from Within us, via our Self Realization (Enlightenment of the Spirit, Buddha hood).

His resurrection was the proof that, the next step in the evolution of mankind is to become the Spirit, and that can happen only when ones Spirit is enlightened by the guidance of the Mother Kundalini, to reach the final destination, The Kingdom of God (7th Chakra – Sahastrara – Fontenel bone area), which is the crux of Human existence, and that is why we are all these Spiritual beings having a Human existence and journey to reach our home, which is nowhere outside, but within ourselves.

Coiled in 3 and half times lying dormant and patiently within our sacred bone (os sacrum-Greeks), Mother Kundalini awaits to be woken up from her sleeping state, on the instructions of a true and divine soul, a Guru chosen by the Almighty himself. Once she is awakened, she travels through the 7 chakras (vortices) situated on specific points guarded by the various deities, on the spinal cord of the Human body, awaiting for the passage of the Mother Kundalini to finally reach the final abode of piercing the Sahastrara (fontanel bone area) on the top of the head, which when pierced, lead one to the realm of the Divine and thus into the Kingdom of God, thus completing the circle of Life, by transforming oneself into an Divine Instrument, full of the all pervading power’s omnipresent cool vibrations.

All this, as a redemption for the Original Sin of having chosen to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of Knowledge, as warned by the Almighty, not to, yet the temptations had the best of us. But as they say, no folly is as greater in the eyes of God, that can’t be Forgiven, all we need is honest intention to be correct our mistakes with all our heart, and we shall have our Salvation.

One has to find the will to enlighten their Spirit which is the image of the Almighty God reflected within them. And the only way to enlighten it, is by being a true Sahaja Yogi, which puts into practice all the teachings of all the great religions of the world, not by mere reading or understanding with your Ego/SuperEgo but by feeling it on your fingers/palms and on your subtle system by way of the Divine Vibrations, which is the language of the Divine.

It’s not the singing, it’s not the reading, it’s not the crying or even the craving, it’s simply the actualization of all this spiritual knowledge on ones finger tips and subtle system, is what will carry us through in the difficult times to come. So the key to redemption/salvation is Actualization of the words of the Holy Scriptures, by getting ones Kundalini Awakened which will then lead us to the Spirit, which ones enlightened, will bring about the union of the Being with the All Pervading power (GOD Almighty) at the Sahastrara, the realm of the Divine.

So it’s no more of He said, She said, He showed, She showed, transcendental meditation, or nude meditation, or following of any Satanic cults, or tantrism (Black Magic), or drinking any magic potions, or offering any sacrifices, no endless offerings, since spirituality has nothing to do with money, or any rituals, or chanting of incessant mantras, or speaking/preaching relentlessly about God without having actualized Him, or leaving the world behind and becoming a hermit, it’s none of all these methods, since all these things can’t be heard/seen by the God, till the time our connection with the All Pervading power is reestablished, and it can be revived only via Meditation that touches our Spirit within, which is the only true reflection of God within us.

It’s as simple as breathing, one has to delve deeper within, to unravel the depth of one’s own creation, the gates of which lie wide open, if only you take the first step of getting your Spirit Mother Kundalini in an Awakened state.

Forever Love to the Everlasting, Ever so graceful, benevolent Mother “Shree Mataji”

‘Jai Shree Mataji’



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