‘What comes of the Cosmos, has to dissolve in the Cosmos!!!’

II Om Shree Ganeshaya Namah II

What comes of the Cosmos, has to dissolve in the Cosmos!!!’

Only the ones drenched in this eternal nectar of your love; speak and comprehend your language. Only the ones, who have had the glimpse of your eternal divinity, will sing accolades of your grandeur. Only the ones brave enough to have had searched for the eternal truth by losing all that they had ever achieved, which was nothing but an illusion, come arms wide open and hands folded, surrendering at your divine lotus feet.

Time immemorial it’s illustrated, it’s nothing to intellectualize, but something to be felt within, touched within, heard from within, yet the masses write over and over about it, seek it far and wide in every nook and cranny of the world, but themselves, where it quietly resides, awaiting a true seeker, who when finally realizes the ultimate truth of creation, and meets Thee, seizes his search and is spontaneously taken to your mesmerizing charm and unspeakable of opulence, and is bewildered at the unthinkable of patience held by you, for ages and ages, just coaxing us to finally seek you and make us realize our own magnificence, which was lost in a way, due to our own lethargy, our own hardheadedness, our own neglect, our own will, which led us away and far and finally astray into a world of chaos and darkness.

But as promised by your Eternal Son, you finally came to rescue us, and proved to the race by far, that the Creator as holy and humble as He is, is also a true savior of the real seekers, who lay awake restlessly awaiting that one sign of your arrival and thus experience the miracle of your actualization, nowhere else, but within themselves. That’s when we know, we have reached home, and our seeking seizes, and all that you ever promised, you delivered it spot on, all that Your Divine Ever Loving Son promised; you drilled into us, with utmost patience and unending, compassionate love.

For only this, you went through the pangs of life, just to get to know the complex human psyche, as to how each soul is conditioned differently, yet we are all part of the same cosmos, but just a little or should I say, very amnesic, but not completely damaged though some of us, so you came to lead us our way, not to anywhere, but to our own selves.

As they say; the journey of a thousand miles though it begins with a single step, but as astoundingly, it finally ends with our own selves and nowhere else. All this while, we went above and beyond, high and low, to practically the ends of the universe, all to no avail.

Finally as a Mother simplifies all a younger ones woes, you just made it as simple for us, which not a soul could have ever imagined. You in a way shrunk the entire cosmos and put it in our hands. And said, here, now you have reached, so stop your searching, don’t intellectualize any further, end your doubts and openly embrace what I’ve put before thee.

All the answers to all your ever yearning questions, just crunched up in that one eternal feeling, the moment you introduced us to our own Spirit, to our own Mother, who was patiently waiting for us to return home, after all our adventures and immense quest, only to realize that, a Mother knows it all, and we have to have that real and deep devotion to finally seek her blessing, and when she blesses, all is answered and all is washed off, all the age old dust just settles away.

And all that remains is the bright and exuberant ever glistening gem that we already were, the original form in which we were created, but only through our ignorance and naivety, had burdened it for various ages, but fortunately not to an irreparable extent.

Hence the reward, an opportunity to cleanse and clear the rust and the dust, with the nectar of your knowledge, your grace, your being within us, your one glance and your reverberation and pulsation, which will cleanse and clear our eternal dirt of our Karmas, collected in our million lives, however far long settled, but with our effort and our honest surrender, nothing is possible without our absolute surrender, with which you would even let us move the mountains, for we give you irrevocable access to our being to be altered to the fifth dimension to enter the kingdom of God.

Just by accepting your presence within us and by letting you work within us, we create for us the ladder to reach the final abode, where our Primordial Father awaits your arrival, to finally complete the circle of our existence and to go above and beyond and become one with the cosmos.

For whatever comes of the Cosmos, has to once again dissolve in the Cosmos.

Glory to the Eternal Mother – Kundalini, Jai Shree Mataji!!!



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