Divinity in Chaos

All of the natural or man-made calamities force humans to bind together.

True 3

It’s at such hour the utmost vulnerability of the humans is quite visible. And in that hour of total despair and sheer powerlessness, one looks up or at least prays in their hearts for some force to come and rescue them or give them respite from the unending pain that they are going through.

All of us

2It’s so ironic, that one adulates movies, the movie stars, any form of art or any man made creation, but the ultimate creation done by the invisible yet the all prevailing, goes without even an acknowledgement. And only at such imminent time of threat, the same soul cripples and cries out for the magnanimous force to its rescue, proving its sheer vulnerability of being trapped in a body which is till death given the utmost importance and the little voice quashed and hushed till it’s too late to be heard.

True 2Time immemorial nature has restored the natural order, despite the mass disrespect and destruction sustained on it by humans. Somehow nature finds its way to organize itself. It’s simple a calculation as that, if you force yourself on nature, nature is bound to adjust itself in some other part.

A fact states it takes USD 38 trillion to create oxygen, yet plants/trees do it for free. Such is the magnanimity of nature, yet how do we reward it, by pollution, filth, littering, cutting trees and clearing green spaces for so called housing projects, which are exorbitantly priced and lie vacant for ages after construction.

Much of the calamities in the recent past which seem as nature’s fury but in fact had the base in man made errors could have been averted, had the warning signs paid heed to and safety precautions taken.

One should realize the grave times we are living in, where human life is soon losing value, and so are value systems attached to humanity. More than renewing ones wardrobe, ones appearance, owning more technological accessories, and procuring more wealth which ultimately would perish on this earth including one’s corporeal covering, it’s time to renew ones mindset, way of living, cultivating more compassion and kindness, practicing forgiveness, above all embracing love, humanity and unempowering the fancies of the EGO.

BeautifulHumanity, love and compassion are the need of the hour, and not perfection, materialism, and sensory gratification, which is a bottomless pit and thus unsatiated at all times. Wake up to the realities of the Elite manipulating and mind controlling and minioning the masses to fulfill their agenda of, materialism, divide and rule, creating anarchy, spreading hatred through supposed war mongering and leaving humanity astray.

Good one

Don’t be a slave to the corporates’, technology, even your unsatiated emotions; you are enough as you are…Don’t wait for anyone else or any external force/ object/ person to make you feel complete. Once you begin noticing the beauty within you, you will realize this was just a whole mind game, projected on you to make you feel incomplete and thus linger in perpetual emptiness and thus lead you into desperation and far away from your true self, which is waiting to be explored and acknowledged, if only you listened and followed your voice within.

Instead open up to realize your strengths as it is, and embrace and make peace with your weaknesses, and practice forgiveness and choose love instead of hate, you would rise above all and see the beauty in all the chaos and anarchy that is spilled time and again amidst you.

TrueStay away from any person or situation which belittles you, mocks you, put’s you down, makes your soul squeal and cringe inside your body, its okay to quit at such times. Because retreat is the other name of quitting, so be it. Be brave enough to stand alone when your soul beckons you, for you have not seen what is to come yet, but the divine above speaks through your inner voice, and he shall never leave you astray.

Never try to gauge your worth based on others interpretation of you, you will always fall short, there is a reason it is called Self Worth, one has to find it in oneself and within oneself. And that can be done only when you let go your EGO and make peace with your self, however you are, how much ever you are, ‘You are Enough’. Just by your being, and your sheer presence you can create ripple effects into the universe. And that is how we restore humanity. ‘One Human At a Time’…

BeleiveAmidst chaos will you find true Divinity. Lord works in the mysterious ways, if it takes destruction and utter chaos to find ‘Yourself’, so be it. But once you do, hold on to it and cherish and nourish it…and be glad you saved your ‘Soul’ and didn’t sell it.

RIP – Chennai Victims of Man-made/Natural Calamity

Peace to all!



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