:) Smiles :)

Can smiles do it all,

I bet they can…

When your hearts craving for that one look

From that certain someone you can’t get out of your mind

And jus then they flash that innocent smile

You literally gotta get hold of your heart

Waiting to slip away to your sweetheart…

for vs

When your day looks bleak

And you having a bad week

All you need is that smile

Even if you gotta travel a mile

To get to your sweetheart

For that sweet smile


Its something about their soul

That recognizes your’s

And you can’t put a finger

What makes your feet so light

Everytime you see her with that great smile

Your whole world suddenly feels beautiful

And your existence seems truly purposeful

so me

 Sometimes when you need that saving grace

From the endless worries and the merciless ways

That plague your fate

Just then your certain someone graces your gate

With that charming smile and her lovely gait

That’s when your whole life brightens up


And your heart can’t get enough

And a beautiful wish floats across

Oh! How I wish I could hold you forever…

Keep you wrapped in my arms for an hour or two

Run my fingers through your silky hair

And feel your warmth within my embrace

And keep you forever locked in my heart

For that’s your real place…

As you are my only sweetheart…

With that ever so smilin’ face….forever engraved in my heart…

  for vs 2


Luv Seets’


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