All our life we are told, that we are not enough. We are constantly compared and made to feel less. It’s this race that we are set on to, not knowing where we need to go, and to make it worse the bar is set to high. Some of us when we grow up, we end up realizing the farce in the whole thing, but by the time the effects of the constant programming is taken its toll on our self esteem and sense of self and also of the world.

Each of our experiences makes us learn the truth about life. The lessons we learn from our families, educational institutions, corporate life, from our love relationships and society in general end up shaping our belief systems and so our life. They say man is a social being, and needs validation and security to move forward. But who makes these rules, who decides what is right and wrong. Why is that the one who apparently make the cut, get to decide for the rest of the humanity.

The rule of the day today is ‘Money runs the world’, but what about the ones who don’t have much, where do they go? Do they not have equal share in this world than the ones who are totally ruling the world coz of their money power. “Majority Wins”, and let the misfits fend for themselves by hook or crook seems to be the new paradigm.

What if I told you, we got this entire thing wrong, the world was headed down South, but its way up there touching the North. What would you then do, coz scrambling to get back down from the death ladder that you have set up for yourselves seems like a next to impossible option.

What if i told you, you were programmed and entranced for generations together and fed exactly what the few on top wanted to fill your heads with to fulfill their elite purpose and distort your perception of what life could be and rob you of the real meaning of your purpose here.

glassesThis material world is a perverted reflection of the spiritual world. This material tree of life is actually the ethereal tree of life, with its perverted fruits hanging down which denote the sense objects and the roots flowing towards the sky denoting the cosmic consciousness. So more one scrambles to achieve the fruits of this material world, the farther one will get from the divine.

This whole world is nothing but an illusion and all that matters is the lessons you learnt whilst your stay here. This is and only this is the irrefutable truth. This truth can’t be understood by mere reading that is why your life is shaped in such a way, that at every step you are given the choice to choose a virtue or a vice, based on your free will.

So where you are today is the sum total of the circumstances, your decisions, but of all, YOUR CHOICES, that you made. And if you have ended up with empty hands, it’s a good enough indicator that you going the right way, for you are guided by none other than ‘The Divine’.

God dwells in the hearts of the have not’s whose tears are real, whose hunger is real and whose calling for the one above is real, though they may despise him, but HIS heart wrenches too of the pain, ones have created for themselves coz of their ignorance of believing in the lifelong farce of this Illusion called, ‘Worldly LIFE’ and adorning their material bodies than living and fulfilling the actual purpose of their spiritual selves.

There’s more to life, than the rose tinted glass that most are made to look from, at least now step out of the usual rut and see the world for what it is really for, how far long in the lie you have come and try to follow your true calling, led on by the perpetual voice inside of you, i.e. ‘YOUR TRUE SELF’ the ‘REAL YOU’, who had known this farce all along, all you had to was ‘BELIEVE’ and ‘FOLLOW’ it.


2 thoughts on “Perception

  1. Absolutely true that what you posted. Actually one care more of others perception rather than his/her own towards self.

    • Thanks glad you liked the post.
      Hope each of us find the courage to follow the little voice inside rather than oppressing it for the fear of non conformity.

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