Don’t self-constrict your persona!!!

hardest habbit to breakIf you ever noticed, there are many shades to a color, but why is that many of us get stuck with only a familiar color, why is that we deter from widening our horizon, by daring to step out in a color that best defines our soul… Don’t you feel, many of us constrict ourselves to the definitions of the meager some, who themselves have not dared to explore their real selves…

They say life is short, but if you think of it in terms of seconds, then there are a million lives that we can live in this short span of our existence on this planet…And each one we can paint the colors that we desire…

Have your ever imagined, what if we consciously decide how we wanna spend that each second of our lives…either moaning and groaning about the issues that afflict us on a daily basis, or for once break free from the situations that no longer are serving us any good and even worse, are simply dragging our soul…Why is that humans are so so oblivious to their real selves and how strong they can be if only they tread the road untrodden and dare to listen to their hearts beckoning…

So next time you witness some one whining and bellowing about the horrible and harrowing situations they are in, just think to yourself and ask them this one question, if God has given you only this one chance to rectify all that you could in this one lifetime, what would you like to change in your life…and magically you could actually erase the parts that don’t serve you better and also include the parts that you were born to do…

In short, in your story you are the writer, and as long as you have the power to decide the course of your life, all you need is courage to move forward and the world would be at your feet. Don’t bond or confine yourself from feeling the things that you are born to feel.

Feeling love and giving love is all that we have taken form for.

But some get bonded by this love, which somehow also gets lost in the way, and we suddenly are aghast by the situation. Was that the person we once loved? Without realizing the fact that, it was actually the build-up and the image that we created of this person, without giving much attention to the nuances of discrepancies that the person might have held all along, and by ignoring the quintessential triggers day in and day out, we ourselves created the ticking time bomb, which one day exploded, thus shattering our so called dream of a perfect partner or a perfect life.

If only when someone shows us the mirror and gives a glimpse into our lives, we realize what all we lack and what all we could be achieving, had we just dared to break free from our self-created shackles…’All for in the name of Love’…





Happy Sunday…


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