Are sarcasms harmful for health???


Although Oscar Wilde once said that “sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence,”. I and for that matter Katherine P. Rankin, a neuropsychologist and assistant professor in the Memory and Aging Center at the University of California, San Francisco would beg to differ….


I find sarcasm as the highest form of wit and humour in many instances…of course, if used wisely and to your benefit…


We know that, no one is as straight faced as they seem, everyone has an internal jabber going on, and when things do not work the way you want, there is ought to be frustration and anger…and there is no other way to vent it out, but be sarcastic…but yes, one can definitely watch their tone, and keep it light and subtle, depending on the severity of the annoyance caused to you by your target…

I love this one, a substitute teacher walks into the room of his colleague and informs her that he would not be taking her class, which he had been assigned. When she had to leave for the day for some personal work, and that there was no way she could take that class now…So after having agreed to back her up, he pulls off the plug at the last minute….If only you could imagine the poor gals state of mind, she can’t even vent her frustration as he is her senior, all she can do is, use her wit and try to stab him hard, without him even realizing it…So she goes something like….

In reply, Debra says “Don’t be silly George, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. I know you’re busy — it probably wasn’t fair to expect you to squeeze it in.” And she says this with a sublime smile on her face, whereby in fact inside her head, she is actually ripping off his hair…to have ditched at the last minute….


In life, we would have had innumerable instances where, we wanted to say something to someone, but are held back, due to our constraints and circumstances…And many of our feelings just remain unexpressed and various words unspoken…But Sarcasm in a way, can help you cool off some heat, coz it is a way to convey to someone, that yes you are mad at someone, but you are not holding it against them, but also want to show them that, something they did has bothered you to the core and this is only defense mechanism…

One can have varying degree of sarcasms, from light banter to stinging insults…to the extent that it could ruin relations….So its one’s discretion how one would like to use this armour to convey their internal anguish and pain…

good one

So here’s a stupendous sitcom, that I could not get enough off, love the mind bogglingly, tremendous sarcasms of Dr, Cox played by John C. McGinley from a 2001 medical sit com called Scrubs, stinging ever so badly Dr. Dorian referring to him as Bambi… played by Zach Braff and love the classic insults made to Barbie….name coined for the leading lady of the sit com Dr. Elliot Reid played by Sarah Chalke…You would have Bambi and Barbie crawling in their skins, each time, Dr Cox aims his stinging insults at them….and would laugh your guts out….It is a classic…and would make you fall in love with the witty sarcasms….if only it is used in a humorous manner and not to literally sting and hurt people…which you can though, if the situation calls for…but sarcasm can be like RDX, use with caution…

busy life

Apart from this classic sitcom, there are so many new age comedies, which will quench your thirst for witty sarcastic humor…

To name a few:

Big Bang Theory, Anger Management, Two and Half Men, Ray and Robert with their sarcastic banter from Everybody Loves Raymond, then there was Tim Allen from Home Improvement, amazing insults by Michael Kyle played by Damon Wayans towards Michael Kyle Jr played by George Gore II….and the list goes on and on…

reply to sarcasm is sarcasm

As of now, I’ll leave you with the best of insults from Scrubs..have a nice weekend….Laugh your guts out…





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