A Precious Soul mate

Have you ever realized in your life, how the fancies of the body are different from the fancies of the Soul..Whereby the needs of the body are so materialistic, but when it comes to our Soul, even a kind word or a genuine heartfelt smile from someone dear means the world to us…And finally in life, that is what matters….To Feel real love and love from our Soul…and Live for the Soul…

Though we meet lots of people in our journey of life…many may come and go, some manage to amuse us, some even make us laugh, but quite a little of them manage to touch our hearts..and then there are the rare ones, who are able to peer right into our souls…and once they enter, they are for us to keep..and never to leave…

So today’s post, is a dedication to one such soul, I met luckily in this journey of my life..and as resilient as she is with her life’s situations…She is an epitome of constant faith, compassion and above all a strong pillar…which can even withstand the worst of the calamities, still not budge and continue her journey of life…undeterred and most of all, without resentment…and blame..such is her strong conviction and love for God..despite…having faced death several times…she has such zest for life, which is completely endearing…and unimaginable…

So without much further ado, here is her story…My dear Soul Friend…Kimberly McPhearson

Although, you can read in depth about her on Without A Label – About Me

But I would like to talk to you specifically about her today’s story…and her current condition which she has stated in her latest post….A Quick Check In

I want you all to understand, how precious and resilient yet strong my soul friend is, she makes life’s worries, look like a piece of cake and that is why, no matter how many times, she goes through the worst of hardships, she manages to get right up and walk the path, which I’m sure, many of us, will be ready to give up in a second…

So here is a grand salute to my dear Soul Sis…can’t wait to actually read her book, once it is done..and learn immensely from her experiences of life…for some are unimaginably painful, yet she has shone/shinned through all of them….And this is in a way my tribute to her undying strength and love of God…

Kim, Love you for always…You are my Shinning Star…and pillar of strength…for all times…

May You keep smilin' like this forever....

May You keep smilin’ like this forever….




9 thoughts on “A Precious Soul mate

  1. I sat and read and let my tears fall upon reading this post. I miss Kimmy. I love you both… and would love to see you guys in person. Praying for her fast recovery. I love you guys so dearly!

    • Hey my dear other soul sis…you guys are totally my pillars of strength…who keep me going…When I had read your stories, it reinstated my faith in God…Love you guys for that…and for being there always…Now Kimmy needs us, so I wanted to write this post to lift her spirits…not that she needs it, being such a strong spirit herself, but I wanted to tell the world, how precious and wonderful she is..and how lucky I’m to have you and her in my life…So true, we might all be a set of good related souls, lost in different places, but might unite one day…I pray to God, we all get to meet in this lifetime…Love you and Kim…<3 🙂 Always….

      • Thank you soul sis. I’m not Wealthy but I’m sure I have Rich Heart because I got you, I may not be Right every time but I m surely not Wrong to choose you as my Friend! You guys are my bestfriends next to God. love you both!

      • ❤ Cheers to the web, for bringing all of us, from such corners of the world, together..and tying us a tight knot of love, compassion and strength…I never had such real friends….I must be lucky to finally get you guys…<3 You…always…

  2. Reblogged this on Nizy's Life Compendium and commented:
    Every nice friend is a gift of God. It’s one of the life’s best blessings, a priceless gift that can never be bought, sold or forgotten. Meeting you was by total chance. Being your friend was the best choice I have ever made. You’re my best friend. You smile, I smile. You cry, I cry. What makes you happy, makes me happy. I’ll love you forever, I promise. #PrayingForYou

  3. Oh Seeta, I love you so much, my soul mate. Thank you so much for this post. I sure needed the pat on the back. Sorry for pouring my heart out Seeta but, like I said I feel safe here. Thank you for allowing me to be me and for loving me unconditionally like I love you. I truly appreciate this post and it is people like you and Nizy that keep me going. Thank you for being you and for keeping me going. I love you soul sister! Praise God for allowing us to meet!
    Love you always,

    • Hey Kimmy girl, you totally deserve it, this is nothing…for all the pain and suffering that you have to endure on a daily basis..these words could be little solace to you…but I’ve tried my best to convey to you, with my meager words, how much you mean to us and how much the world needs a noble soul like yourself..and you bet, you can totally be yourself here…and speak your heart out…well that’s what soul sis’s are for…Glad you are recovering now..and I really hope you get to write even more and finish the book, that God wants you to write and present to the world…to inspire many more, who have not heard your story…Love you always and forever…and I’ll always be there…

      Love SS…

  4. Seeta, I was already inspired by your words and learning about Kimmy; then, I reached the point of A Quick Check In. I read her article… laughed with tears! What a remarkable young woman. Thank you for sharing her story which I shared and shared!

    • Well that’s what I meant to convey, she is got a will of steel and the heart of gold…incredibly resilient, most of us will breakdown, at such instances…or resort to self pity…but her persistence is commendable…that is why I had to share her story, I had always watched out for an appropriate time to introduce her to you guys, and here it is, her post was so funny yet filled with so much pain, I had to share her with the world…Indeed God’s favorite child..and thankfully my soul friend…Thanks once again Sharla for appreciating my words and sharing our story..she is a constant inspiration to all of us…Thanks once again..

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