The Magic Of More, is in knowing Thyself

The Magic Of More – Know Thyself

The more I went ahead in life,

The more I was confronted with questions about life.

The more I tried to get the answers,

The more questions burdened by shoulders.

woman in prayer, feeling dejected

The more I thought of belittling myself with the burdens of life,

The more you gave me instances to be merrier in life.

The more I thought of fighting my situations,

The more you made it easier for me, their resolutions.

dejection 2

The more I went on the quest to get answers to my endless thoughts,

The more far away I unknowingly went from my heart.

The more the sorrows and the miseries I endured,

The more stronger my resolve to surrender, it appeared.

grief tear

Today I stand with hands folded before Thee,

Never in my life, had I known you so clearly.

There you go I said it, before Thee,

You are the ultimate creator, and you are as you should be.

gods grace

It’s my naivety for not knowing you completely,

Judging you and your love constantly.

When I should be looking within me,

For there you reside and shower me your grace constantly.

grace hopeful

So here’s a resolution I promise to follow,

Wherever you lead me, I shall quietly follow.

lead me I'll follow

I know you will test me for my mettle,

Triumphant I’ll emerge, that’s when I’ll settle.

test of mettle


I promise Thee, I would not rest,

Until, I wholeheartedly fulfill this quest.

The quest of life, that you lay before me,

The true acid test that would prove to me,

The Child of God, I truly ought to be!

child and god

The Child of God, I truly ought to be!

beautiful and apt quote for Loss

My Tribute To Thee!

A Child of God!!


22 thoughts on “The Magic Of More, is in knowing Thyself

    • Thanks Meg..I loved your letter as well, to your best friend…I wish good luck to both you guys, for the rest of your lives..though away physically but always connected through your hearts…thanks for stopping by and appreciating, would love for you to visit again, and so will I. Have a great day, dear Meg.
      Regards, Seeta

    • Hi Angela, that is so generous of you, to appreciate my humble words. Actually had recently gone through a pain, so my heart just poured out…and these are the very words of my heart in pain, but when I read it over and over again, I find solace yet again…I guess I’m in a row with the rhyming words..hahah..thanks for stopping by, will check out your blog as well…See you again sometime..:)

    • Thanks Sarvin Sidhu, for stopping by, and leaving your sweet comments…Just followed you on twitter, my twitter handle is @seerajn have a great day…:)

    • Thanks SS, what will I be without all of your love..and constant support, its fun to be a humble child of God, with so many soul sisters often around…:) ❤

  1. Seeta, your words flow so inspiringly…really, really beautiful! Sometimes it is hard to put true feelings into words…I am sending you a cyber hug – reach out grab it and hold it close to your heart. BTW You need to make one word change – nativity should be naivety. I feel you would prefer my letting you know.


    • Hey Sharla, thanks for stopping by, oh sure have made the changes, you know typos do occur, no matter how much we proofread..this bugger must have slipped out when I wasn’t looking, intently…Thanks for spotting the odd mad out and letting me know..So how you been, and how’s the promotions of Awakenings coming along…Wishing you loads of luck…And hey thanks for the cyber Hug…same here, from me, a big fat bear cyber hug…catch you soon and thanks for your constant inspiration and beautiful writing style as well…

      • I do know about typos and appreciate anyone letting me know! I am receiving notifications via email so I will hopefully keep up better with your posts. Always good to connect with you. The book is moving right along…have no clue as to sales but the message is getting out there and that is what really counts! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

      • Well, as long as your message is reaching the masses, that is all that counts…wish you loads of luck with the book, I’m sure people would love your heartfelt writing..and enjoy your soulful poetry…My good wishes are always with ya..and I truly appreciate, you visiting the blog and letting me know stuff, it really feels great and love to hear from you always…and of course read your stuff in return…you too have a great weekend…catch you soon..

    • Thanks dear Kathryn, I’m amazed how one’s writing can touch so many hearts..I feel truly humbled, with each one of your visits..Thanks for the love, appreciation and your time…keep visiting…


  2. Seeta, I love you so much! You are such an inspiration to me. I needed to hear that this week. I am struggling so bad right now. Thank you for sharing this with me. You are my sunshine! Mwah mwah mwah!

    • Hey Kim, dear sis, I’m so glad even in such hard time and pain, you visited the blog to leave your precious comment. You are always in our prayers dear and we wish you really get well soon from your surgery..Take care hon, we are always there for you, me n nizy…Waiting eagerly for you to get well and blog again, so that you continue to be our inspiration…always and forever…miss you as usual….take care..and give my love to Lucy and mom…

    • Hey bbanublog that is so sweet of you…thank you so much…so glad you could visit the blog and leave such wonderful comments, means a lot to me…wish you same as well, in your life’s journey and wonderful endeavors…

  3. hi seeta, OMG! its amazing ! and at the nick of time i happened to read this. Bcoz i was going thru such pain since one month. my 25 yrs of friendship with someone turned in humiliation n betrayal. My mind was playing its game…… and i was testing God like child… and God proved he is Nbr.1 n so near to my heart and in a blink i can feel him and i promised him what u said in ur writeup. thanks seeta i could never believe u r my sis’s daughter !!!!!!

    • Thanks Baby perima…feels good that you derived some solace through this piece of writing… bet I’m your sis’s daughter..where else will I get such intense emotions…Love mom forever….thanks..have a great day..

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