Heaven on Earth

Hello Folks!

Hope you had a great Christmas…and are preparing well for the New Year’s Eve…

So here’s wishing all my friends and family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year..May this new year fill your hearts and home with lots of love, joy and serenity…and above all the grace of God…

I”m thankful to the year that was, which gave me reasons to explore more possibilities in life…and also to cherish whatever I had in my life..and continue to cherish the same…the love, the support..and the togetherness…and the one who stood by me always…my better half…

So this is a dedication for him..for showing me the good times..and relishing with me the true beauty of Nature….

Here’s a mini tour for all you guys to the beautiful and heavenly mountains of Himalayas…a view from Kothi village almost 13 kms from Manali and enroute to Rohtang Pass….

Nature's Postcard

Nature’s Postcard

Kothi is a beautiful and quiet village…It has thrilling views to offer…A place to be for poets, writers, movie makers…and above all nature enthusiasts…Quite near to Solang Valley, it offers the snow thrill seekers all that they could ask for…right in these quite, serene mountains…So be there to experience it first hand..

Snow clad mountains

Snow clad mountains

Here are some more pictures

Snow Clad mountains Movie Style

Snow Clad mountains Movie Style

Snow Clad tree apt Christmas Tree

Snow Clad tree apt Christmas Tree

Snow Rain

Rainin’ Snow…..

And here’s my favorite….

Synergy of Nature and Animals...

Perfect Synergy of Nature and Birds…

Click Here for the Video and your Nature Ride…Heaven on Earth Video

Enjoy….and Wishing you guys a very Happy and Prosperous New Year…See You in the Next Year…and Hey booo hooo…..the world did not end….so much for the prophecies…right from Mayans to Nostradamus….so what’s the new prophecy doing the rounds now…3015…..you never know…




10 thoughts on “Heaven on Earth

  1. Beautiful, beautiful photography, Seeta! I was very saddened to learn when I sent you a link the other day that the young student who was raped had died. I had sent a message out on Twitter to your site when one of my writer friends replied about her death. My condolences and heartfelt prayers go out to her family even if they may or may not be of the Christian faith. Blessings to you in the new year!

    • Thanks Sharla, but with the silent mourning of the braveheart who is not with us anymore..The flame of hope that she has managed to reignite is so many soulless people, has indeed given this new year a tinge of hope…to survive which is vastly fading in our country…The Spirit of Humanity….So in this New year, I would love to give out this message of hope to our countrymen…’They are because The Women Are’…So naturally Respect Women…and in return, you’ll respect Humanity and thus God….Thanks for your constant love and support Sharla…Glad to have met you…and may this new year, fill our lives with more peace, joy and tranquility….and above all Grace of the Lord…

  2. Wonderful post! I love the pictures and the words. BTW, I just replied your comment on my wall post on facebook. I am sorry it took me too long to reply. Just read your comment now. Love you soul sister.

    • Thanks dear, it is a pleasure already that you acknowledge my posts either on the blog and also on fb, no worries…if you are unable to respond, I’m sure you would be busy with your day’s work…Nice to read your messages and posts sometimes, they are heart warming…Keep the love flowing..it is full of grace, just like you…Love you as well SS…

      • Awwww. I am also glad to have known you soul sister. Thank you for your exquisite words for my post. I cannot deny the fact that having you in my life is such an extraordinary opportunity. I am indeed blessed to meet, be friend, and know you. #SoulSisterFOrever! xx

      • Its an achievement in itself that you post each day, but to have such heartwarming and soul stirring posts are incredible…hence I love to visit your blogs and leave my imprint, and acknowledgment, since you truly deserve them….And beautiful video of God…and well said about leaving our troubles to God by having faith on him, which is fast receding many of us troubled and worried souls…thanks for the inspiration sis…will always remember that, and as for us, God had a plan for us to meet and I’m simply thankful to him…:)

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