The Cup keeps filling…

Hello folks,

Hope you guys been rocking…

Well mainly as you are aware I like to take you guys on virtual trips through my travel blogs and soon would be taking you to Dehen, Bhandardara which are some exquisite locations to explore in the outskirts of Mumbai, soon after I give you a virtual trip to UK’s beautiful Island, Isle of Wight….

But this edition I would like to dedicate to my book and update you of the upcoming event, that is my radio interview with RJ Nitin of 90.8 FM Jago Mumbai Radio.

Yes, thanks to you guys, your constant love, affection and belief, the book  is doing great…

For those of who, wondering, why such a big title, A Journey towards Self Contemplation, I would simply say, coz it was really that….

It all began as chapters finally taking the shape of a book…and all that was possible due to the journey within…that  is why it is aptly called ‘A Journey towards Self Contemplation’.

And, the reason I’m writing this  blog is to show, how ‘The Cup keeps filling’, and giving back to me more humbly and selflessly…and makes me meet wonderful souls…who are also doing great work and are willing to share their stories…

To know more stories about the journey and few more anecdotes, tune in to 90.8 FM Jago Mumbai on 11th November, Sunday between 12 noon and 3 pm and catch my exclusive interview hosted by none other than RJ Nitin on his show Open Mic.

You can also alternatively tune into  for live internet radio, incase you do not get the frequency on your radios.

Apart from this, do check out the article on Planet Powai newspaper regarding The Cup of Life.

Planet Powai Oct 28,2012 – article on ‘The Cup of Life’

Until next time, take care and keep reading and also traveling.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Enjoy and do catch the interview on tune into 90.8 Jago Mumbai FM radio this Sunday between 12 noon and 3 pm IST, on the show Open Mic with me and RJ Nitin…

Beware do not drink and hear, for I may sound drunk, but I was not…haha.. 🙂 🙂 Just kidding…Everyone sounds different on the Radio, so did I, but only drunk, but not actually drunk….Have I confused you enough…so to confirm the same, tune in this Sunday… 🙂 🙂



P.S – Blog on Isle of Wight coming up next…..Stay tuned…


4 thoughts on “The Cup keeps filling…

  1. I want to congratulate you on your radio interview about your book. I’m glad your book is doing so well, too. It’s inspiration for all of us still waiting for our books to be published. My book will be release in 2013.

  2. Hey donnajeanmcdunn that is so nice of you..thank you so much for you beautiful and kind wishes…they mean a lot to me..
    Yes, by grace of God, I’m moving step by step and the kind of people I meet on my way, it is an overwhelming feeling…I’m glad I wrote this book, for it gives me a feeling of completeness and contentment…and makes me appreciate God’s world even more…and moreso its beautiful People..
    Thanks for being there for me..I’m sure, your book will also shine through all the odds and bring you good luck…my humble wishes are with you…Good luck always…and God Bless. Keep writing..

    • Thanks Nizy…I visited the link and have posted you a message…thank you so much for including me in your precious list….Will be posting my travel blog soon, just returned from a long trip…and got your pleasant surprise..thanks once again…

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