My Pictorial Travelogue – Goa-Belgaum

I’m sure when you think of relaxation and taking time out from the usual rut….you would love the prospect of spending alone time with your loved one…where else would you love to go..but stretch yourself at a nice sandy beach…with a beautiful sunrise/sunset in the backdrop…chilling away with a drink in a shack…listening to your fav…number…slowly grooving with it…and just when you feel you have heard the number a several hundred times before, but its still got you going…and makes you feel nostalgic….that’s the power of a good ambiance, mesmerizing music and of course, your beloved..hand in hand with ya…

Hmm….wondering what I’m getting at…well this is how one would describe an evening well spent at a beach…and where else in India would one love to let their hair loose, but at the wonderful beaches of none other than….Goa….where everyday is a Sunday…and time itself is Susegad….

For the ones who must have visited Goa for a million times, there is still some more to relish, still an unsung song yet to be sung, still a beautiful poetry waiting to be written, and so many unsaid words yet to be coined…all…not enough to even eulogize the mighty waters, the angelic sunrise, the ever so more entrancing sunset, the soft sand….the list goes on…and this is for the ones who yearn for seclusion…from the mad mad rush of the world…beach could be termed heavenly for them…

Well no matter one must have seen Goa many times and mostly when people think of Goa, it is usually the North of Goa…but for the connoisseurs of good times, sand, sun, beach, seclusion…wining and dining with your loved one…the place to be is…in South Goa…none other than the serene beaches of Canacona, one Palolem and other Agonda…

Palolem Beach is one of the best beaches across GOA, at the onset, one can easily notice the gigantic, magnificent coconut palms on one side, the lush green hills on the other end. Situated on one end of the beach is Neptune point, where one if lucky, can get to see the Dolphins, up close and personal…And on the other end, there is the Dolphin Island for which one has to reach via a 5min boat ride..If you are lucky, the Dolphins will swim next to you…(only if you are lucky….say luck raised to 100)….haha..well we at least spotted some afar…so not that completely out of luck….

Apart from enjoying ones’ time at the beach, for local sight seeing, one can also enjoy bathing in a nearby waterfall, of course during the monsoons, when it looks magnificent..just approximately 10 kms away from Chawdi village in Cancona district…called the Tutsi Waterfall…

Since we did not have much time at our disposal and had to get back to Belgaum for Ganesh Chaturti celebrations, we decided to go via Agonda…and that’s when we also came across Cabo De Rama, the popular Goan beach fort named after Lord Rama. This is one of the oldest forts in Goa, build here before the arrival of the Portuguese. With the historic significance related with its name, Cabo De Rama has a mythological legend. Lord Rama accompanied by his wife Sita took refuge here during his exile from Ayodhya for 14 years.


Local Scenes enroute Agonda…Local Fisherman…

Below are some views from top of Cabo De Rama, winding road and some beautiful shots of some flora enroute Agonda,..

View from top of Cabo De Rama

Beautiful Flora near Agonda enroute Belgaum..

I’m sure one could write enumerable, never ending saga about this wonderland, of a place called Goa…with its exquisitely clean beaches,nightlife = daylife with old and new, upcoming shacks, antic markets, saturday night bazar, dolphin rides, beautiful sea life, scuba diving, water sports like parasailing, speed boats…on one hand..various monuments, landmark sites, exquisite churches, beautiful temples and vast sceneries to entice you ever so more..yet still have some more to blow your mind…but not enough time at your disposal to explore this magical land…in case you are in a hurry to leave…

So next time around, do take time out to explore Goa at your hearts content…as this magical land has the capacity to woo you every single time…and next time do not forget to visit the other end of Goa…where the scenery gets even better with the setting sun…and the nights are to remember…of course in the company of your loved one…..




8 thoughts on “My Pictorial Travelogue – Goa-Belgaum

  1. Breathtakingly beautiful! I want to go to this place right now! Thank you for allowing me a little mini vacation right in my living room. I found your Facebook page, Amazon page, and blog through LinkedIn and just had to stop by all of them to like, tag, and follow.
    What is amazing is that I found out i had just read your book once I saw your Amazon page! My neighbor had it, just read it, and gave it to me to read because she said it was right up my alley… And boy was she right! I loved it so much i read it in one sitting. I just finished writing you a review and tagging it as much as they would let me! You go girl! I can’t wait until you write more books so I can read them too!
    Anyway, I have some Facebook pages and blogs I would live to share with you. I hope you don’t mind that I place links here. If you do then just delete the part of the comment you don’t want on your site. The reason I do this is because not all of my blogs are linked to my WordPress profile and one of the ones that is linked is not my blog but a blog I did a few guest posts for. It seems like every time I follow or comment on a new blog they think that mine is the wrong one and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how to unlink my account. Oh well, that’s life! I won’t stress over it =)
    Anyway, here are my Facebook pages:
    Without A Label blog fan page:
    Pets can heal blog fan page:
    My personal Facebook page:
    And finally my blogs:
    (My mental health/ self-improvement blog)
    (my personal mental health/ advocacy blog)
    (my pets can heal blog)
    Love what you do and I’m so blessed to know you!
    Much love, blessings, and big hugs,

    • Hi Kim,
      I’m so glad that my book has managed to touch your heart, for you are right, that I’ve written it with my heart and soul..And to get a compliment from a beautiful and warm soul like you, it indeed feels good and its completely my pleasure…And thank you so much for writing such kind words for me and my book in truly feels rewarding..and sure here you go..I anyways wanted to hug you, since the time I’ve read your about you page on Without A Label, and many of your blog interviews, inspirational blogs and the list goes on…what inspires me the most is the sheer zeal and zest that you have to face each day with courage and that itself is laudable…You are and will continue to be an inspiration to lots…Its my pleasure to have known you..and be associated with you..take care dear..and as usual God Loves you and bless you..

  2. As a person who has traveled the world many times, I have never experienced the beauty of India. Although I covered the land of India many times over but from many thousands of feet above. Now that I am in my golden years, my wife and I have made up a “Bucket List” and we have strated our travels together. I have taken her to all the exotic places in the world where I have walked and I hope India will be our goal very soon. I just finished telling my story and through the expertise of a ghost writer we have put them on paper. I would love fo you to visit my blog and give me some comments on the sample chapters I have placed there. Actually in my book, India is mentioned many times but not through the eyes you see it. I hope you will visit my blog and leave your comment.
    Thank you.

  3. Thanks Rudi for taking the time out to visit the blog and experience the taste of India my way..surely will visit your blog and see what you have to say about this wonderful land of ours, and hey India won’t disappoint you, being in your bucket list, in fact, Goa stands tall in many of the desired destinations of the do think about it…

    • Thanks dear..hope you enjoyed the virtual tour, well I’ve another one right up my ally, will be posting it in a short while…it is even more scenic….its the North of India…the hills of Himalayas…keep watching..thanks for stopping by…will surely take a look at your site as well…do feel free to visit my personal website to get details regarding my book ‘The Cup of life’ the reviews are on Amazon…

      Cheers Seeta

    • Hi Restlessjo, that is nice to know..actually there is lots to explore in Goa apart from the serene beaches and bars…glad to know you enjoyed your virtual visit…thanks for stopping by..there are many more places which you can virtually visit via my blog, right from the South of India, to the North…enjoy..

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