Newspaper Articles about ‘The Cup of Life’

Guys, here are some articles in the newspapers, namely Deccan Herald and Tarun Bharat about the book, ‘The Cup of Life’. Read On…and share the same…

I thought, I’ll share the same here until it pops on my website..(which might take some time though)…

Anyhooo I thought, meanwhile, you can check it out here…

Here’s a sneak peak on the same…..

Deccan Herald Article_September 19, 2012

And a detailed write up in a Marathi Daily which gives more insights about the book….

Article on The Cup of Life_Tarun Bharat Newspaper_Sep 23, 2012

I know, some might need a translator for this..but hey what the heck…it should be worth the effort….for the news is interesting and quite useful.

So go ahead read on….and brush up your Marathi literature skills…

And stay tuned….Catch you next time with the further part of my Pictorial Travelogue…




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