My Pictorial Travelogue – Mumbai-Belgaum

9 Days, two road trips, two exquisite destinations…

First One – Mumbai to Belgaum

How do I put it, ever got tired eating delicious, sumptuous chocolates, pastries or any sweet for that matter, ofcourse this question is for the ones with a sweet tooth…Well, no matter how much you eat, your hand will still rush to get that one more piece. ..Isn’t it…

Well for me, traveling does the same to my soul, no matter how many times, we might have traveled to various locations, the very thought of traveling and exploring new and old places, revives my soul and readies it for a new adventure…

As usual me and my better half had promised ourselves of not going on any random adventures especially after our spooky adventure from Bhandardara….which almost got us lost on top of a hill, with the road leading towards the jungle 7 in the night, and a dangerous slope running around the curvy road…with not  enough place to turn around…it was hell of an adventure, finally when we turned around, and got signal just for a second in our cell phones…to make us realize, that there is a higher power somewhere, who guides us and protects us…and puts up with our crazy shit….

anyhooooo….now that we are alive and kicking…we thought of embarking on a semi scary adventure…Of exploring a forest and a local waterfall in a quite village of Shundi known as Shundi Waterfalls, somewhere in the outskirts of Belgaum, where there were no clear steps and we had to walk through the stream, only to realize that it is quite slippery and attempting to walk through the flowing stream might lead us not to just see the waterfall at the foot, but actually take us down in full swing with the fast water flowing from atop the hill….So…….so much so for our crazy adventure, we thought of skipping the unnecessary dare devilry instead settled for a quite snack amidst the luscious fields, caught a shot of a cute bird merrily chirping along and pecking at a grass stalk..

While on our way back, we made a point to visit an Ancient Hindu Shiva Temple know as Vaijnath Temple supposedly built by the Pandavas some say 2000 years ago. It was a total surreal experience, as they say this is a “Svayambhu” Temple, meaning Self-manifested or that which is created by its own accord.

And just when we were driving back from a fun filled evening, the rain came pouring down and filled up the air with much needed mysticism…And as we peered our way through the rain slashing on our windshield the car swiftly swirled across the hills and gave us the much needed adrenalin rush…

So I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did…tune in for more pictures and stories from our next road trip from Belgaum to Goa…and Goa to Mumbai…

As of now, relish the exquisite scenery and breathtaking views of some parts of the good old town from Karnataka, Belgaum….

Pictures of the luscious fields, birds, scenery passing along, stream and a friendly villager posing for the camera doing his daily chore…hope you enjoy the virtual ride, as much we enjoyed the real one….




2 thoughts on “My Pictorial Travelogue – Mumbai-Belgaum

    • Thanks Rajeshji, glad you got a virtual visit and enjoyed the same…photo courtesy is my dear hubby…writing is my part…so I guess, we both pass the virtual tour test….thanks for stopping by, keep bumping in and watch out for more interesting stuff…in future…take care..Regards, Seeta & Raj.

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