My take away from ‘I’m Another You’

Hi All,

I had always been fascinated with the Self help section of the book store, for the content and knowledge that is imparted in the same is immense, that’s what used to draw me towards this section.

Always wanting to know ways and means to enhance one’s life, find hidden meanings and secrets that engulf our whole lives..After having downed couple of  bestsellers from ace authors like Paulo Coelho, Robin Sharma, Ohso and more…I landed myself a simple, yet beautifully narrated book, written by a motivational speaker, Priya kumar, it was some 2 years ago, I had, had my hand over her masterpiece, titled ‘I’m Another You’ and simply could not resist it and I picked it up and brought it home, by the time it was the next day, I had already devoured the whole book….

And the next two days or more were spent in contemplating what had just occurred, the book was so interesting and wonderfully narrated, it got me thinking about the authors own experiences and the quest that she had been to discover her own self…..the scenarios, the trails, similar to the ones that many of us also go through, hence it was aptly titled ‘I’m Another You’ but the take away message was, something for each of us to contemplate on, and make the most out of it, so I did..

And two years later I had the result of that contemplation in my hand, my first Book which embodies the life that many of us live today and I thought the apt title for the same should be ‘The Cup of Life – A Journey towards Self Contemplation’.

And today thanks to her, and various other books that I’ve read be it inspirational, philosophical, spiritual and own observations, that I could piece together a little gift for my loved ones to remember me by…As they say, some like to be buried at sea, some like to be immortalized as mummies;

Nonetheless, I would like my obituary to read; She Came, She Lived, She Wrote……

As I’ve taken this first step in this wonderful journey of the unknown, which may seem intimidating at first, but seems home to me as I move along merrily….

So here is the recount of the event of my book launch ‘The Cup of Life – A Journey towards Self Contemplation’, beginning with my appreciation to all who came and the ones who could not be physically present, but did send their lovely wishes and blessing along…which meant a lot to me…

For starters let me thank each and everyone who made the book launch a grand success (including the two gracious Chief Guests and the honorable Publisher) and the rest who wished me luck with many more books to come.

It was indeed an evening to remember, along with an overwhelming response and kind gesture shown by various familiar and unfamiliar faces. Some friends, some family and (some strangers at the beginning of the evening but parted as friends).

So a big thank you to every one..who made the evening so memorable, that it has etched in my heart forever…

Here is the link to the video and some pictures from the launch evening….

Hope you guys enjoy the same as the ones present, did…

Some Pictures from the Launch

Writers all over, with their art, keep bringing a glimmer of hope, passion, love, strength to this withering world, which like it or not, is soon getting engulfed by trying times…

So in the quest of self, one will soon realize that in the journey of discovering self, the various elements which shape the earth, also embark upon a new world of change and in the end, stand Altered…

Would like to leave you guys with this thought to marinate..for each one of you to come up with a recipe of your choice to shape and enrich your own life….

Do check out the reviews on Flipkart, as the book is available there for purchase…

Flipkart – ‘The Cup of Life’ by Seeta Rajesh Nawagekar




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