The Cup of Life – A Journey Towards Self Contemplation!!

Hello folks!!

In case you missed me, then fret not, as I’m back, although the past few days had been tough on me health wise, I was down due to a severe case of food poisoning coupled with severe gastritis attack, as a result I was hospitalized for past 3 days and just got discharged…..Hence as a well wisher and good friend, I would suggest all my friends and fellow bloggers to take good care of yourself and your family this summer, specially in terms of what you eat and drink.

Now enough of this sad talks….let me give you a good news….as the most awaited event for me has arrived and is just two weeks away…..

Yes, the Launch of my very own Book titled ‘The Cup of Life – A Journey Towards Self Contemplation’, the video on which is appended below for your reference to share with your family and friends..this video will give you a glimpse into what exactly one can expect from my book.

Below is the poster created by my publisher for the event.

And I would be honored if you would be able to grace the occasion with your presence at my book launch, which is to be held on 8th June, 2012 at Oxford Bookstore, Churchgate, Mumbai. The invitation for the same is appended below:

Alternatively, my book is also available on Indiaplaza and Infibeam as pre-order facility, do feel free to grab a copy for your self and your loved ones…

Below are the links to the same:

Indiaplaza – Pre Order Facility

Infibeam – Pre-Order Facility

Do visit my website for more information and to know about me..

Take care guys…and see you at the launch….




8 thoughts on “The Cup of Life – A Journey Towards Self Contemplation!!

  1. Congrats on the publication!
    I’m strictly ebooks, for now and maybe forever as the trend is going that way in genre fiction. But for your category, I think a book, book is best.

    Hope it goes very well,

    • Hi Candy,

      Sure the world is heading towards E-books, actually its best for the environment, but surely still retro rocks, so at least a few do like to have physical copies, luckily…so lets see how it goes, would also like to proceed towards ebooks as well, in the near future…as of now, for India e-book culture has not much picked up,
      Thanks for your good wishes, as this is my first venture and looking forward to it…will catch up soon..

      Many Thanks,

    • So true…when it comes to books, we got to see it, hold it to believe it…besides its your best companion whilst one is traveling or just lying around in bed, or generally moving around, etc….

  2. Hi Seeta,

    I enjoyed reading your book “The Cup of Life” . It is very interesting reading. Your book shows one the way of life and self comtemplation.
    All the best for your next book.

    • Hi Zenobia Aunty,

      Thank you so much for your support & love…Glad that you have finished reading already, and the book was to your liking…Really hope to spread the message across more the book entails many facets of our lives..which are yet to be discovered and understood…

      With much love & appreciation…

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