Music…Food For Soul

Hello Folks!

Hope your week is passing through fine, well I just thought I would cheer you guys a little, by sharing these beautiful songs…As they brighten up my mood and make me so nostalgic every time I hear them and take me back to the days where Songs were so meaningful and singing them put a smile on our face and also made our day, the time when songs truly touched our hearts…back when Karaoke was funnnnnn….So this is a small tribute to those yester years..and all those great singers and bands, who enriched our lives with their soulful music….Thank God for them….It was back then, when there was a song for every mood…and they fit aptly…songs were like greeting cards, they used to exactly convey what one felt…and all we had to do, was to make a mixed tape and give it to the one we loved and the songs said it all…..such an amazing way of confessing to someone you loved them…and they could cherish those memories in the form of mixed tapes for ever…

I feel, what food is for life, music is to the soul….And it is wonderful how all the words, notes, keys fit so well with each other, out comes a great symphony of music along with beautiful lyrics which comprise the wonderful, soulful songs…

So below are some of my all time favorites….and how they will always remain ever green in my heart and soul…they make me feel like a teenager again…Hope these take you too down the memory lane as they took me….

Hope you guys enjoyed the mystical, musical ride….Keep watching for more interesting stuff….Have fun now…




2 thoughts on “Music…Food For Soul

    • hey thanks buddy. glad u liked…actually there are so many which are my favorites…but can’t fit them all here…haha..anyway…thought u shld atleast hear these great ones…all times classics…

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