Horror of Sonography…

Okay folks lets welcome the new day on a laughing note…

Ever you had to go through this traumatic experience of going for a sonography…..well for the layman let me explain to you this horrific procedure….it looks and seems very harmless, but this very experience can suck the very life out of you….and has the potential of being crowned as a punishment for the inmates….for small time offenses….

You may be wondering, how can this non scary instrument related procedure could be so devastating….well then you will have to find out for yourself….

Although it begins with a simple act of having to drink say only 4 or 5 glasses of water….then after two cups down…you are like…hey so what I can do this…so there goes the 3rd cup…and then the 4th…till now, all you have is a full stomach…so you kinda make an effort to down the 5th glass, by now the water starts tasting bitter, but you are still proud of yourself you downed 5 glasses of water just in under 7 minutes…NOW….comes the best part….okay you are in a hospital, which has a reasonable queue…and so you are asked to inform the technician once your bladder is full, so there you go..it seems all simple, once my bladder is full, I’ll tell them…

So what does this sympton of bladder is full symbolise….now comes the daunting task, of mind over body…here’s when you have to fight it out….practically have a conversation with your mind…which is slowly going to sink in the ocean that is filling up in your bladder drop by drop…the first 10 minutes go fine…then its 20…and you feel you can sustain..as the water is slowly trickling down from your stomach to your bladder….then its half an hour, you are still going strong…then you start seeing people running in and out of the sonography room…with a ticking time bomb expression when they go in and come zooming out and rush to the loo, and then the expression of being alive when they come out….

Now its 45 minutes, and you begin to feel the pressure…and you feel your bladder is almost going to burst…that’s when you gather your courage to go to the technician and almost a sinnking feeling hits you, when he asks you to wait, another 10 minutes as there are patients before you…NOW this is the time…all your sense go numb….and you cannot feel your body….as all your senses are gripped and for once your ever chattering mind, comes to a standstill and the world starts looking hazy….and your whole life trickles down to this one moment….when will the door of the sonography room open and when will you get through this hell hole…procedure….so that you can actually breath..and feel alive again….

Somehow you now try to engross your mind into various other thoughts, but its like a battlefield inside your brain, trying to win over your body….you keep telling it, its gonna be alright, it will be over soon…pls. co-operate….pls. dont let my bladder burst….you even start cajoling God…that you would be good human being from now on…and won’t hurt anyone, if only the door of the Sonography room opens up for me…

And then the moment of truth, finally your name is called out and like any other patient that has gone inside with this ticking bomb tied to his chest feeling, you rush inside the procedure room…then you are almost to thank your stars that it will be over soon, thats when the technician with the hand gun like machine appears in front of you, and you start praying god incessantly as he moves the machine exerting pressure on your stomach and abdomen…that’s when you are reminded that you must have done something grossly wrong to have to undergo this horrific punishment of Sonography….but then a ray of light…hits you…and the door of the procedure room opens…and you are asked to leave….that’s the moment of your freedom when you hit the loo and tears of joy trickle down your eyes….and you congragulate yourself for having successfully gone through this unbearable ordeal….and have come out aliveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee……..

So….my deepest condolences to all those who had to go through this grueling procedure…and wish they do not have to go through this again….and a suggestion to all is don’t ever underestimate the power of water….it has the potential to drown you from within you….and not just sink you with its embrace….so god bless all who ever took the Sonography test…which should be aptly named as THE SO..NO..GRAPHY test…




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