Behind all the Smiles

Accidents that happen to the body leave your bones, ribs and various body parts broken, but there are often certain incidents that break one from within and paralyze one with fear, self doubt and endless psychological breakdowns…though these wounds are never seen on the outside, but are capable of breaking a person to the ends of no repair, thus repressing more of their battered and worn out soul, with the feeling of no way out…

Not everyone who portrays a smile, has gotten everything figured out. Though the face might be gleaming but their eyes will tell the story of their pangs and pains…their endless fight of waking up in the morning, putting on a brave face, despite carrying a mountain on their shoulder.

Not everyone has it easy, so all one can do is, be kind to each and anyone they see, because you just simply don’t know the effort they have made of taking their next breathe…

For all beings on earth have a purpose and a plan they say, it certainly must be true, considering all the painful lessons that are laden on ones path, shouts out loud in his ears when he is just about to give up, the voice within says, don’t you worry my Son, You were never in control anyway…and did you think I would send you down and not have you returned to me ever…

Just hold on some more, all I need is for you to be strong and not give up when you have come this far…Lest assured, you will be taken care of, provided you don’t go astray no more…and believe in yourself and put your complete faith and trust in me…

Until you cater to the needs, whims and fancies of the Ego, your soul is going to be undoubtedly going to be battered, but the day you realise your true purpose, then you wouldnt waste your efforts in foolish pursuits, but move in the direction guided by your Spirit…from then on you will be a spiritual being and not just an emotional being…




One fine day


Can something be as beautiful as just sitting as far as possible yet feeling as though two hearts are one. And already with such built up of overwhelming emotions, when the two yearning souls who are so drawn to each other, end up meeting, the atmosphere turns into something sublime.

And just then his hand slowly takes her hand into his, it’s way beyond an electrifying feeling, that instantly hit the highest note on every cell of her body, a feeling of being completely and throughly been accepted for who she truly is, nothing more, nothing less. And the way the hand is held, the caress so hard, says it all, that he never wants to let go…is such a fulfilling feeling of really having proven the sublime and subtle feeling of actual and beautiful Love…plain simple Love…

And knowing that there’s only this one paragraph of love written between them, though however beautiful the built of the story seems, the writer never writes beyond this scene…for he keeps this etched in their hearts forever…that One Fine Day, all they ever did was hold hands, but it just wasn’t Just holding hands, but a deep memory that will be etched in their hearts forever, for that One Fine Day two loving souls met, knowing this is the last that they will see of each other…Hence the feeling of Holding hands never having to let go, but in reality as the hands left each other, its the souls that felt ripped apart…knowing there could never be a story written any further for them…


P.S – Loveeeee the movie One Fine Day… small rendition in a way of One Fine day encompassing a sweetest moment of two people’s lifetimes…


Love Seets ❤️

Thoughts, where do they come from and where do they go!!!

Meditation thoughts

Every person is bombarded by innumerable thoughts, popular belief 70,000 thoughts a day. Needless to say that is way too much pressure on this small little entity, called brain. Experts, psychologists, meditative methods, all are always in search of suggesting ways to curb these thoughts. But the more you try to douse them, the more aggressive it gets. Its like thoughts have a mind of their own. So who are these thoughts, where do they come from and where do they go and what purpose do they serve.

Our Subtle system is comprised of Ida Nadi (Left Sympathetic nervous system), Pingala Nadi (Right Sympathetic nervous system) and Sushumna Nadi (Central Nervous system).

When one analysis a thought, it can be noted that, it would arise either from the past or it would relate to a projection in the future. As a result one is always caught in the vicious circle of brooding over the past or looking way into the future, thus unable to remain in the exact present moment. Although people love to preach, don’t dwell too much into your past, or don’t be so futuristic. It is quite difficult for many to actually put that into practice. So what is that one deals with on a daily basis. We can categorize these thoughts into four forms.

According to Sahaja philosophy plus years of research and experience by practitioners over four decades; thoughts mainly arise from four realms of consciousness: Subconscious, Supraconsciousness, Super Consciousness, Hell. Realms of consciousness can be thought of as regions or strata in the subtler/spiritual plane of our existence.

1. Subconscious: Thoughts that arise from our past; go and form part of the Subconscious. The moment our attention goes into past thoughts, we are immediately pulled into the subconscious space. Each moment of our present that we experience, becomes our past and goes and resides in the subconscious area. This energy is represented by the left sympathetic nervous system also known as Ida Nadi, which is the Nadi that represents the Power of our emotions. As a result, being too emotional or putting more attention to the past, drags us into the subconscious. Moreover, there is a sub realm beyond the subconscious realm known as the Collective subconscious. Further and deeper movement into the past, would drag one into the Collective Subconscious.

2. Supraconscious: Thoughts that we project into the future, move into the supraconscious zone. Future is represented and stored in our supraconscious area. Our futuristic thoughts and tendencies are represented by the Right sympathetic nervous system also known as the Pingala Nadi. All are physical and mental energies and powers come from the right side energy channel, which is represented by the supraconscious. Hence excessive thinking, futuristic worries, aggressive and violent behavior to confirm to the futuristic thoughts, may cause one to move into the supraconscious area and further to the collective supraconscious area.
E.g. Adolf Hitler, had learnt from the Tibetan lamas, the knack of reaching into the collective supraconsciousness of the people, by causing them to move into extreme egoism, thus justifying killings of innocent men, women and children, in the gas chambers, yet making it seem normal and justifiable, due to his egoistic power drunken behavior.

3. Super Consciouness: A realm which is above the subconscious and supraconscious realms is known as the Super Consciousness. This state can be achieved only when you are in the absolute present moment. The way to be in the absolute present moment is when your Kundalini (Chi Energy, Ruh, Holy Ghost) is awakened and it passes through the 7th chakra, and we reach the state of Thoughtless awareness. The realm of super consciousness corresponds to the collective unconscious. Dreams are nothing but, our attention moving either on the left side i.e. the subconscious, or the right side supra conscious, and most time when we have premonitory dreams, it is the message that is coming across from the collective unconscious.

4. Hell: Below all the chakras, is what is described as the Hell. The hell as described by the Saint Mahavira. As our body is a house of all the deities, it is also the source of Hell. When the attention moves to more baser instincts and extreme indulgence within it, as done by various tantriks, tantrikas, voodoo practitioners, occultists, spiritualists, it ends up corrupting and spoiling the chakras, energy centers within the body, as a result, the spontaneous rising and movement of the Kundalini is restricted and in extreme cases marred forever.

Problems of uncontrolled attention: Now that you are aware of the types of thoughts that arise within a human being and the extreme movements on the left and right directions may lead to disturbing and destructive behavior not only for an individual but the society as a whole, as the collective consciousness gets affected by individual consciousness. The optimal state to be is in the present. By keeping our attention focused on the present moment, neither swaying too much into the past i.e. the left nor being way too futuristic i.e. the right. But instead, try to remain in the center and maintain required balance, which will lead to the path of our spiritual ascent and salvation of mankind.

The method to remain in the absolute present i.e. to reach the Super Conscious state is by getting into thoughtless awareness. And that can be achieved by getting our Self Realization, awakening the 3 and half coiled serpent resting in our sacrum bone, known as Kundalini, which is our spiritual dormant energy waiting to be awakened, so that it travels through our spine and passes through our 7 subtle energy centers called as chakras, finally piercing through the Fontanel bone area, where the 7th chakra is situated. Thus taking us into the realm of Collective Consciousness, the place where we all should strive to reach, in order to emancipate the entire humanity from the clutches of extreme behaviors propagated by the Ego and the Super Ego.

To know more about this revolutionary and mass awakening meditative technique
kindly visit Sahaja Yoga website or Shree Mataji

Nithya (Seets)

Reference: Sahaja Online

“Glory to Thee, Holy Mother”


O! Glory to thee Dear Mother, who descended on the face of this earth just to answer the cries of her yearning children. May glory be with you forever.

Broken, ignorant at times ill respecting were we to you oh! Heavenly princess, yet you as the epitome of highest love, embraced us one and all. And let us bathe and drench in your everlasting and endless Divine Love. May glory be with you forever.

True you are the Primordial Maitreya, you are the beginning and the End. You are the reason our existence persists without you our being will end. You embarked on a journey so great, so effortlessly, to make us recognize our ever eternal fate. To give meaning to our existence and being, you took the pains to put that knowledge in our empty and rotten brains. May glory be with you forever.

Slowly but gradually like lost puppies, we followed you, on your path of heavenly grace, laden with divine love and motherly embrace. May glory be with you forever.

You cured us of our illnesses, not only of the flesh, but that of the spirit as well. And one day you declared you are the Magnanimous Being, that you are indeed the One, universal being, who we are all part and parcel of, of which we have disintegrated, because of our hard, stubborn egos, you paved the way for imbibing within us the lost true divine knowledge of our existence and our being and the reason for us being on this physical plane. May glory be with you forever.

Slowly but gradually we came into your divine embrace, one and all, for it is you, who is prophesied that will save this lost race. Without prejudice you showered us with your endless blessings, though we rise and fell, you never bereft us of your loving presence. As an ever patient Mother, you witnessed all our follies, yet you fulfilled your promise, of granting us the holy land, you held our hand and walked us through our worst and dark days, just to bring us to the light, the touch of which enlightened our parched souls forever and gave meaning to our barren life. May glory be with you forever.

For you once declared, that we are the chosen ones, no matter we had been naïve in our seeking, but deep within we knew your coming, to comfort us and redeem us of our sins. You fulfilled the prophecy laid by the Lords Holy son. We believe in you our eternal Mother, May glory be with you forever.

Without you, we would all be led astray, you truly are our peace and our saving Grace. You saved us from the demons dressed in sheep’s skin, polluting our minds and souls with fallacy, by twisting and manipulating the Holy Scriptures, doing high end gestures, putting on a fake show of summoning God and the angels of God. You taught us to make out the wolves in sheep’s skin, by making us our own masters, by giving us the divine eyes that will realize the lies that is masquerading as truth and blinding the entire world and enticing the youth with material belongings and pleasures of the skin. You showed us the true master that you are, without robbing us of our innocence and our worldly belongings. You truly are the primordial master who knows us beings. May glory be with you forever.

Hail to thee, O divine Comforter of us wanderlust, only you with your immense patience could have put your trust in our lost race. Trust that, enriches and enlivens our parched souls, without you, we wouldn’t be part of the whole. May glory be with you forever.

You brought us into the Light, from the perpetual darkness we were lingering in; you showed us the path that had been prophesied of us coming through to reach you. Though everything about you is unfathomable and a deep mystery, you look upon us with your loving smile and make us feel as one of your own, how deep as an ocean your heart could be, O Heavenly one, how do you be so kind despite being the greatest of the great, magnanimity and humility come so naturally to you, just being a tiny spec in your endless traits. May glory be with you forever.

You taught us our true worth and introduced us to our true being. You led us our way, to seek the Lord within, by showing us the little Light that had always shone within, ignorant as we were to this power that lie dormant for ages. May glory be with you forever.

You are the one, who taught us to rise. Rise from our everlasting slumber of pride and faulty might. You preached us the true knowledge of the Divine and let us drink the sweet ambrosia of your feet that compares nothing to anything this worldly world could ever define. May glory be with you forever.

You are above and below and everywhere and everything that exists, you are in each atom of every creature and each being. You are in the air we breathe, the flesh we wear, in the veins and blood that runs within us. You are in our Spirit that awaits to be enlightened within, once touched by your holy grace, it shines endlessly within, emitting light, to show the lost way to yet another yearning soul struggling to exist. May glory be with you forever.

O! Eternally Heavenly one, truly you are ‘The Holy Ghost’, sent on this earth, to forever redeem this lost race from its never-ending follies, yet granting us the promised salvation that comes so easily to your being. May glory be with you, forever, O! Primordial Mother, we bow to thee. We bow to thee. A million thanks for your descent, for in you we found our spiritual ascent… for in you we found our spiritual ascent. May glory be with you forever.

Love Nithya! (Seets)

Spirituality Revamped – The Holy Grail is here, as promised.

How quick are we to dispose off old clothes, gadgets, cars, house and for that matter even an old girlfriend/boyfriend for want of a new one. Then how is that, one is so clingy about the belief system of the Divine.

Shree Krishna narrated The Gita only to Arjuna ( who had got his realization) and not to normal mortal beings. So, unless one achieves their self realization, one cannot understand the real essence of The Gita.

So what is this Realization that he talked about. It’s the knowing of the Self, how you are constructed and who formed you. No matter how modern a human becomes, he can never evolve further, without the guidance of the divine. And as all matter perishes, so will he/she one fine day.

To remedy that, the non extinction of his finest creation, the divine bestowed upon us the grace of the Holy Mother (the Primordial Mother), who incarnated on this Earth to revive the mankind from its failing ways and put it onto the path of true salvation/redemption, thus paving the way for the next step in his evolution to the 4th dimension by awakening the Kundalini.

“Many scholars have long seen the correlation with what the East calls, Chi, Kundalini, or Prana, and the Holy Spirit. Chi, Kundalini, or Prana are all words for the subtle energies in the body, and are all seen as manifestations of Shakti, or the Goddess (or Divine Mother). The Holy Spirit is the subtle force that connects us to the universe and gives us life, which is the definition of Chi, kundalini or prana (along with other terms). When we say that the union of Shiva (Divine Father) and Shakti (Divine Mother) is the whole of creation, we are also saying that the union of the Father and Holy Spirit is the whole of God… Thus, we have a working cosmology that both Eastern and Western religious traditions agree on.” (Christopher. 2002)

The Old Testament symbol becomes significant in Christianity when Christ suggests Kundalini awakening, not just for the tribe of Israel but as the true destiny of all Christians: “And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even as the son of man be lifted up: That whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have eternal life.” He says unequivocally in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas and elsewhere, that “The Holy Spirit is My Mother”. “The Kingdom of God is within you” (Luke 17:21).

The Kundalini is there to nourish, to heal and look after and to give an individual a higher and deeper personality. The power of Kundalini is absolute purity, auspiciousness, chastity, self respect, pure love, detachment, concern for others and enlightened attention, to give infinite joy and peace to an individual.” – (Knowledge of Reality , Historical Sources and Knowledge of Kundalini (Issue 14))

H.H.Shri Mataji Niramala Devi discourse:

All promises are to be fulfilled. All scriptures are to be supported and are to be proved.

But we must know that there is a great war going on between satanic forces and Divine forces and all the satanic forces who symbolized as devils – in Sanskrit language they are called as rakshasaas, asuras and all that, have taken their birth on this Earth to demolish the kingdom of God. But they want to demolish this kingdom of God in your hearts. The kingdom of God exists, will exist, it’s eternal.

It has created Universes after Universes. It has created human beings from amoeba to this stage. It has brought you to this position that today you are here to receive your ultimate goal (Self Realization). At this critical moment, at this precious moment when you are about to enter into the kingdom of God, all these forces are built up to pull you down. It lies in your wisdom to understand that the forces are very subtle, extremely cunning beyond your comprehension. This war is played not on the conscious plane as it was played before.

But today they have come as Godly men, as God men – as they call them, as God women. They call themselves as Gods – gurus. They have come in the garb of religion. These ancient rakshasas have taken their births and they have gone into the minds of the people. Thousands and thousands of seekers they have captured. And because it is not in your conscious plane, you cannot see them, you cannot feel them you cannot understand them, how dangerous they are. While they have learnt all the methods of coming into your ego or into your superego – to influence you.

Thus Sahaja Yoga came into being, to help the human kind evolve further, to achieve its final goal/purpose of reuniting with the Divine/Primordial power.

To know more about Sahaja Yoga and Kundalini Awakening you can visit:


Jai Shree Mataji
With love from Nithya!

2017 – New Beginning

‘We are part and parcel of the whole’. The absolute truth is, we are not this body,not this mind, not this intellect, not these feelings. ‘We are a Pure Spirit.’ (H.H.Shree Mataji Nirmala Devi).

There is a lot of significance in this statement, considering we are all part of the same cosmos. And the entire premise of Sahaja Yoga revolves around trying to unify all these disintegrated cells back into the Virata, thus to form the whole.

So not only in this new year,but every moment, the effort and life of a Sahaja yogi is to enlarge the tree of life,by bringing all the dormant cells (rest of the mankind) back to life,and reestablish it’s lost connection with the Divine, All Pervading power, which governs us all, and all the happenings of the World, and the Cosmos, believe it or not,like it or not.

To know more about this soul stiring and life transforming meditation method, which connects you to the Supreme Source, by awakening the dormant power of the Creator within you, i.e. The Kundalini, The Ruh, Os Sacrum, The Holy Spirit… Visit and


Seeta (Nithya)

P.S. Happy 2017

‘World’ That Should Have Been!!!

Humans (especially Men) created a world with all their aggression and craze for power, which later on became horrendously contagious and in a way stupid, considering the opposing factor (Women) which had to counter this stupidity, also joined in the rat race to add more fuel to fire. The resultant factor was more anarchy, more aggression, more of destruction and all the more chaos.

The plan of action required at the time was, the sensible step of dousing the fire when it first broke out. Since when have you heard of dousing fire with fire. As stupid as it sounds, the humans have shown their tremendous capacity of going above and beyond in proving this of themselves.

Instead of answering the raging fire of power, politics, anarchy and aggression with Love, Compassion, Wisdom and Divinity by the opposite sex (Women) with their feminine qualities bestowed for a reason by the Almighty and hence called the Opposite Sex, all these being their original traits, the whole purpose of existence got lost and blurred in this stupid war mongering aura, which lasted quite some time and has led to the present unlikely times.

But had it not been for the loving grace, affection and immense compassion of the Holy Spirit (Param Chaitanya (Hindu), the Ruh (Muslim), Ruach (Jewish) and the Holy Spirit (Christian)), the ever Eternal Mother, Adi Shakti (H.H.Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi), humanity would have been seeing the doomsday, that it ever so lovingly awaits, since it’s beyond its capacity to restore what it has destroyed with its deeds, it rather give up, than think of changing its ways.

Evolution comes from the verb To Evolve, so when its proven time immemorial that we have evolved from amoeba to humans, then how can it stop here, there has to be a step beyond. Isn’t it, you rational thinkers, or is it just that you are contented with being Human, or should I say, being a 2 legged animal disguised as a Human, considering the traits lately of a Human do not even resemble that of any animal. An animal is carnivorous by nature, but today a Human is become cannibal by choice and it’s no one to blame then the Satanic vices, chosen by the human over and over again, over the Virtues laid out by the Divine, in his Innumerable incarnations, but falling on deaf ears.

It takes a subtle being to understand the nuance of the Divine play, and Thank God for Shri Mataji and the breed of true seekers all sheltered together in Sahaja Yoga, which speaks the language of the Divine via the cool vibrations that are constantly emitted by the All Pervading Almighty God, but only if you tune yourself in for the subtle knowledge is when you will be able to grasp the ever present power and love of the Divine.

As they say, better late than never, this sounds true in case of Humanity, for all the plans of the Satanic powers put together, one breath of the Divine cool breeze is enough to send it to the everlasting shackles, and bringing back the prodigy (Human) of the Almighty’s original creation, which though got lost in the journey, has the potential to come back and turn into the gem, that the Almighty had envisioned, it to be.

Such was the perseverance and determination of Shri Jesus, that despite knowing he would have the plight of worst than the treatment meted out to the horrific of the enemies, He chose to wash of the filth created by the Humans enslaved by the vices which are the weapon of the Devil in disguise. Only to redeem man of his sins and take him beyond his limited capacity of being Human, into the realm of the Divine, by crossing the sea of Illusion and emerging in Paradise.

Till date the Satan thinks it won, by tormenting and torturing one noble soul who with his benevolence and immense compassion created a passage (6th Chakra- Agnya – Forehead) for the true seekers to rise above the illusion of this worldly beliefs instilled in them by the fallen angels, but as Almighty is the creator and Humans are his crème de la crème of creation, despite our repeated follies, He redeemed us and showed us the way to reach the Heaven’s door right from Within us, via our Self Realization (Enlightenment of the Spirit, Buddha hood).

His resurrection was the proof that, the next step in the evolution of mankind is to become the Spirit, and that can happen only when ones Spirit is enlightened by the guidance of the Mother Kundalini, to reach the final destination, The Kingdom of God (7th Chakra – Sahastrara – Fontenel bone area), which is the crux of Human existence, and that is why we are all these Spiritual beings having a Human existence and journey to reach our home, which is nowhere outside, but within ourselves.

Coiled in 3 and half times lying dormant and patiently within our sacred bone (os sacrum-Greeks), Mother Kundalini awaits to be woken up from her sleeping state, on the instructions of a true and divine soul, a Guru chosen by the Almighty himself. Once she is awakened, she travels through the 7 chakras (vortices) situated on specific points guarded by the various deities, on the spinal cord of the Human body, awaiting for the passage of the Mother Kundalini to finally reach the final abode of piercing the Sahastrara (fontanel bone area) on the top of the head, which when pierced, lead one to the realm of the Divine and thus into the Kingdom of God, thus completing the circle of Life, by transforming oneself into an Divine Instrument, full of the all pervading power’s omnipresent cool vibrations.

All this, as a redemption for the Original Sin of having chosen to eat the forbidden fruit from the tree of Knowledge, as warned by the Almighty, not to, yet the temptations had the best of us. But as they say, no folly is as greater in the eyes of God, that can’t be Forgiven, all we need is honest intention to be correct our mistakes with all our heart, and we shall have our Salvation.

One has to find the will to enlighten their Spirit which is the image of the Almighty God reflected within them. And the only way to enlighten it, is by being a true Sahaja Yogi, which puts into practice all the teachings of all the great religions of the world, not by mere reading or understanding with your Ego/SuperEgo but by feeling it on your fingers/palms and on your subtle system by way of the Divine Vibrations, which is the language of the Divine.

It’s not the singing, it’s not the reading, it’s not the crying or even the craving, it’s simply the actualization of all this spiritual knowledge on ones finger tips and subtle system, is what will carry us through in the difficult times to come. So the key to redemption/salvation is Actualization of the words of the Holy Scriptures, by getting ones Kundalini Awakened which will then lead us to the Spirit, which ones enlightened, will bring about the union of the Being with the All Pervading power (GOD Almighty) at the Sahastrara, the realm of the Divine.

So it’s no more of He said, She said, He showed, She showed, transcendental meditation, or nude meditation, or following of any Satanic cults, or tantrism (Black Magic), or drinking any magic potions, or offering any sacrifices, no endless offerings, since spirituality has nothing to do with money, or any rituals, or chanting of incessant mantras, or speaking/preaching relentlessly about God without having actualized Him, or leaving the world behind and becoming a hermit, it’s none of all these methods, since all these things can’t be heard/seen by the God, till the time our connection with the All Pervading power is reestablished, and it can be revived only via Meditation that touches our Spirit within, which is the only true reflection of God within us.

It’s as simple as breathing, one has to delve deeper within, to unravel the depth of one’s own creation, the gates of which lie wide open, if only you take the first step of getting your Spirit Mother Kundalini in an Awakened state.

Forever Love to the Everlasting, Ever so graceful, benevolent Mother “Shree Mataji”

‘Jai Shree Mataji’