Charcoal – Diamond!

I read a quote somewhere, which just hit the right spot…

‘Diamond is nothing but a piece of charcoal that could handle stress well!’


Now how amazing is this quote, which reduces a so called priceless and the most sought after item like diamond into something readily available object like coal used in mundane tasks like say cooking….The beauty of this quote is that, it emphasises on the power of perception.

The underlying meaning of this quote is nothing but, from hundreds of pieces of charcoal, we turn only a few into this priced object…signifies the true potential of the coal which endures all the processes that it goes through ultimately to give us this most sought after and priceless object of most women’s affection.

Now to apply this analogy to real life, where each of us goes through the routine ups and downs, but if you notice, some of us do not have it easy ever…There will be loads of us, who would have had tough lives in every step of the way, be it family issues, schooling, relationship issues, difficulties at work, marital issues, tough luck or no luck in child bearing, etc…in effect we begin perceiving us as victims of bad luck, bad fortune, and generally prone to difficult lives…and thus the assumption that why some of us are born with a silver spoon while rest of us are doomed to perpetual pain and misery at every step of our lives..

But the beauty of life is in its non-conformities. And these are the very challenges that end up giving us strength to carry on and face the circumstances thrown at us head on…Its these tough situations and circumstances in our lives, that end up shaping our persona and make us handle any pressures of life with so much ease and level headedness, that some who have had all their whims fulfilled would not really be able to comprehend… what actually went behind making our personas so strong…

And that’s really the reason, why we have only One Gandhi, One Madiba, One Bill Gates, One Mother Teresa, One Mallala, One Sachin and so on….from the crores and crores of people inhabiting this earth…

So either you can play a victim and curse everybody around and the circumstances for how your life turned out to be…or you could decide to lift the torch of your failures and challenges, reignite the learnings from them and move ahead shedding light to the ones behind you, thus empowering them by sending a message – ‘If you could do it, so can they’.

It’s not the circumstances or challenges in one’s life that define a person, but its how one perceives those challenges and is willing to make the necessary changes and ready to face them head on, that truly defines ones character… And that’s when all those little failures, the early days of struggle come in handy…when the feeling of utter hopelessness and worthlessness had bogged us down and stagnated us, and how we gathered the power and ultimately pushed forth tearing down the wall of ‘NO I CANT DO THIS…to ‘YES…I’m gonna crush this challenge…once again the way, I’ve done it in the past and no one but me can stop me from coming ahead in life’…

And that’s what ends up making us so unique and priceless, just as a simple coal ends up being into something as exquisite and rare as a diamond…

So in a way, it’s good that, not all coal can be turned into priceless diamonds, it’s only the handful of us, who have the endurance of sustaining this grueling tests that life throws at us which end up shaping our unique persona, make us worthy of being crowned as the rare diamonds that we are…

Every individual has the potential to grow into something exceptional, provided he/she realises their true strength… and are willing to hone it…to ultimately turn themselves into the priceless stone that shines forever…

And that’s the mark of true humanity and the real game of perception…


Happy Weekend…

The only thing certain in life is – ‘Uncertainty’!!!

Most people would believe or like to think, that given a chance, they would love to start all over again and re-live their life in a brand new way, of course barring all the flaws, disappointments, failures, setbacks and surely anything negative that has impacted their life.

And when one would have done all that, one would like to believe that they would finally have achieved the quintessential feeling – Happiness and above all Success.

Now what we don’t realize the irony of Success and Happiness is that, they are best nourished and nurtured by their not so favorite adversaries and the notorious duo – ‘Failure and Sadness’.

It’s only when one has tasted the wine of failure that he or she is gonna savor the true taste of Champagne. If only when one has known or experienced repeated or prolonged sadness, one is going to cherish the golden and precious feeling of actually being happy.

So the point being, there is a fundamental flaw in our wish, of starting all over again with an illusion of making it right this time, considering our prior knowledge and experiences of the errors committed and to presume to have them corrected this time.

But what we don’t realize is, it’s only because of the timely failures and moments of sheer worthlessness and hopelessness and the lessons learnt the hard way, we have reached where we are today.

To elaborate the same, this symbolizes that we are where we are today due to the people, events, and circumstances that transpired with us in the logical sequence throughout our life’s journey, which truly has been instrumental in shaping our persona, belief systems and our overall way of life today.

Bottom line, experiences bitter or sweet, shape our lives, and make us learn lessons which ultimately mould our belief system. It gives us enough fodder for thought which ultimately carves our niche persona and thus sets us apart from each other in a broad way.

But essentially if we delve deeper into the major take aways from each of our lives, it would throw up a pattern and ultimately the moral would remain the same, i.e. what is that we learnt from Life…and how well are we going to embrace the lessons learnt and willing to make the necessary changes.

That being the ultimate reason for which we even went through the things that were thrown at us in the first place…Think about it!!!

Nothing happens without reason…the grand things in life do have a pattern; it’s on each of us to decode this insane dialect of the ultimate Author – The creator of the World’s greatest Book…

The Book of each of our lives penned by none other than, HE HIMSELF!!!


Have a Happy Weekend…

2014 – A Dawn of Endless Possibilities

The world did end in a way for quite a lot of us in 2013, but as I’ve stated in my book – ‘The Cup of Life‘, where there is an end, there is also a beginning of something New…

‘With every forlorn dusk comes a promising dawn, until then, one has to hold on strong’…

“Sometimes Life can be unkind with you, but its how you chose to mould yourself in times of stark adversities, define your true mettle”

With that thought, I would like to wish all my friends, family and dear readers a wonderful Dawn of 2014…

May this year be a year of endless possibilities and conquering of uncharted territories within yourself…Only to bring out the best in you…Good Luck and Happy New Year…

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True Love


True love will know you, more than you know yourself

True love will never be the reason for your tears

True love will never betray you

True love will know what’s in your heart, even before you say it

True love can see through you and will see the real you

And True love will always love the real you

Not the one created by circumstances

But the pure one created by God

True love loves the light within you

The light that shines through you and illuminates the lost souls

True love recognizes and connects to the light within you…

And that True love could be no one but your Soul Mate…

Blessed are those who find their Soul Mates…

Coz that’s all who we need in this harsh journey called ‘Life’.




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‘You & I’

True love quote

There is something about you
That I can’t really tell
Each time I look into your eyes
I feel out of breath

The passion in your eyes feels so intense
One look from you and my heart completely melts

Each night I stay awake
And toss & turn in my bed
Wondering about the days
Which we so dearly spent

The times when you held me within your arms
So inseparable in love that we used to be in a trance
Trance so deep, that we never wanted it to end
The magical quivering of my body, as an answer to your touch

The nectar from your lips was something
I could never get enough of
It was a feeling so divine that
I could even readily die for

There was magic in the way
We redefined love
It was like two souls descended from heaven
Only to make mad passionate love


There was something in the way
You touched my soul
It’s at that moment, I realized
You are the ‘One’ with whom
I’m ready to grow old

And it was at that time
That the angels foretold
It was for you who I was bestowed
The endless pain and suffering that my soul endured
And that’s when the angels descended and resonated

That they only fulfilled the word of the Lord

That ‘you and I’ are meant to be together after all
That ‘you and I’ are meant to be together after all

true love line

Click! She’s stuck in his head

Hello folks,

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Astonishingly the girl, who Anil verbally describes, looks nothing like the girl in the photograph, who is called Aaliah. And she is the one who Anil claims to be in love with. This raises suspicion in Rohit’s mind as to who the girl Anil was describing could be? And does she even exist, since she is nowhere to be seen in the photographs. With million questions in his mind, Rohit finally embarks upon a quest to uncover the truth behind Anil’s strange behavior.

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